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[REVIEW] Xenadrine Xtreme

I recently started taking Xenadrine Xtreme to see if it would give my already-on-fire-metabolism another extra kick.xenadrine xtreme

How it works

You take 1 pill 15 min before a meal 3 times a day for day 1-3, then on day 4+ you increase to 2 pills each dose.

It kicks your metabolism with herbs and such and processes your food a smidgen faster.

What I do

I follow the instructions to the letter. I also eat extremely regularly, extremely perfectly, drink regular amounts throughout the day and BUST IT at the gym.  Since my body is on a near perfect clock, the supplement seems to be taking its prompt and maximum affect.

Current Results

I am definitely given more energy and focus (thanks to the herbs and vitamins in the supp).  I am definitely processing my food faster and I do think that it is giving me a boost, BUT I do think I could do without it.  I noticed that with all the fiber and deep greens I eat my body is already becoming a machine.  Do I believe in Xenadrine Xtreme? Yes, I do. Not necessarily for it’s herbal affects, but mostly for it’s psychological affects. It makes me feel like I am doing everything I can to get lean, it makes me think twice before reaching for (and avoid entirely) cheese crackers or chocolate, it makes me want to eat right, it makes me want to hit the gym, it makes me wake up and feel leaner because I know my body worked hard at the very end of the day to process nutrients.  It really shouldn’t say “weight-loss”.  I know I will not lose weight while I am on it.  I think it does what it says it does, but not JUST because of the stack.  Supplements are designed to fuel what you are already doing.  You cannot take ANY supplement and expect it to work without YOU working as well.

This not that

I also like this one better than Xenadrine Ultra, which, after the first week I started to get a cramp in my side.

This one also seems more potent than the Green Tea Fat Burner supplement, but I liked that one too.

I have only been taking it for a short time, so I’ll let you know what I think about it after 30-45 days.

If you have tried this, would love to know what you thought about it!

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