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I’ve been considering supplements. I want to get big, lean muscles. Have you heard of N.O.? They have a couple products I was looking into: NO Xplode and NO Fury. I have heard better things about the results on NO Xplode than Fury, but I am really wondering about the lasting affect on my veins.

I am anxious to get built, but I need to remember that fitness is a lifestyle and that “steady” is the best method.

So for now…I will truck along in my endeavors. I think I will increase the weight and lower my reps. 20-30 min prior to each workout I will drink a LC Monster (or a protein shake which is what I have been doing). That should give me an extra burst of energy that I need to have a strong workout.

Yesterday, I was trying to rush to the gym so I could join the husband, so I was unable to have my usual pre-workout protein shake. As a result, I was only able to complete 3 safe sprints…grrr…I did push through 4 full shoulder sets, 4 squat sets with increased lbs from last, 4 full dead sets, abs, 3 back sets – 1 exercise and a 7 min stint on the bike. BUT I WAS FORCING MYSELF THE WHOLE TIME. Oh man, it was ROUGH! I felt sooo weak. ergh. Today will be better. Protein at 4.30 and possibly a Monster to help make up some energy-lack from yesterday.

Rock that gym and rock that diet. Press on peeps,

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