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Cheap Protein Vs Expensive Protein

At first, I looked at the stack (the line up of elements in the protein powder) and it seemed pretty much the same for the cheaper proteins compared to the more expensive with exception of a few things more of something here and there.

I know that it is also the ORDER in which the chemists combine the ingredients also makes a difference.

Anyway…I’m like, who cares. It’s protein and I eat a lot so it needs to be cheap.  But it had that chemical taste that I became acutely aware of when I switched to water shakes instead of milk.

Then I decided to give Beverly International’s protein a try at the recommendation of both my trainer and friend @fit_Michelle.

The verdict….


Faith Keith - image - I heart Beverly Protein

Look how happy I am!



In case you were interested: I tried Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey in vanilla and CVS Whey in “cookies and cream”.  I switched to yummalicious Beverly International Ultimate Protein in cookies & creme (aptly spelled as “creme” because it is truly decadent compared to the “cream” of the other protein.

[REVIEW] Beverly International Ultimate Protein in cookies & creme

Creamy, not overly sweet, yummy bits of cookie, 1g sugar per scoop, absolutely a treat.


I FINALLY listened to my trainer (Susan Groshek) and got the supps she recommended. This was after the flabbergasted *GASP* I got from Michelle when she found out I wasn’t taking them haha! She whipped me in shape fast!

What I’m taking:

  • Beverly Int’l Ultra 40s
  • Beverly Int’l Mass Aminos

I have learned that they help speed recovery. I can DEFINITELY tell the difference.  I’m a believer!! I am also a believer of listening to my trainer. Ha!

“Massage in a bottle”, eh Michelle?! 😉

Holiday Cocktail

Everyone is kicking it into high gear for the holidays! Well the holidays are not really my motivation for amping up my game, its the fact that I just realized I am less than 23 weeks out from my show! EEK!  So I decided that maybe I’d get back on my fat-burners to help keep up the momentum.

Yesterday, I had an espresso with my breakfast. Then later at work I took my fat burner pre meal time. Ate. Then an hour later downed 16oz of my preworkout drink. 45 minutes later I felt like I was going to throw up.  I was light headed and struggling to maintain balance. BAD IDEA.

So, note to self: pay attention to what you are doing, common sense will save you.

This holiday cocktail will not be one I will “enjoy” again.

[REVIEW] SuperPump250

I have taken this before and it made me feel like a beast.
superpump250_Gaspari from
I ordered it again and last Tuesday tried 1 sample packet in a 6 oz glass of water, well-shaken (shake WELL or you might feel bloat-y), and did a full hour on arms and still had more to give (excerpt below)


Yesterday I took my SuperPump250 and was REVVING!!! I actually did a full hour of bis and tris (usually 40 min) and was ready to do a billion situps and run 3 miles. Unfortunately I had somewhere I needed to be so had to cut it short with only a 1 hour workout.  DEFINITELY going to use it again today for legs. RAWR!

Flavors I have tried:

  • Energizing Orange – 7/10 – good, but pretty tart and I get sick of orange flavored stuff pretty quick
  • Raspberry Lemonade – 9/10 – tastes almost like real raspberry lemonade except a bit more tart
  • Fruit Punch – 10/10 – tastes like kool-aid!


I have MAJOR crash about 5-6 hours or so afterward, but I am KILLING it at the gym, so I would be whipped anyway. It’s a pretty hard crash though haha so be ready with a cup of joe if you still have more work day after hitting a mid-day break at the gym. 🙂  I will probably up my dose to 2 next week. I am LOVING this stuff.

Any advice?

If you’ve tried this or something comparable let me know!  My trainer uses Jacked and claims it is more potent. If you’ve tried either of these please let me know your thoughts/experience. I’m curious to know what will fuel my workouts best.

Order Superpump250 at

FINE: Freaked-out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional


So for 2 weeks I was not doing so good with the diet plan.  Having a cheat here and there and everywhere.  They were all relatively minuscule or even healthy so my brain was not red-flagging me. Then it hit me what I was doing and it made me scared that I wouldn’t be able to pull through when it really mattered. I sent out a scared-helpless sounding email to my trainer confessing what I had done.  She then had me log my food for 1 week.  I did better that week, but still had 4 out of 7 days that were not to plan. 3 of those 4 had a cheat meal or cheat snack in addition to the meal plan.

Susan broke it down for me – right now its muscle building time, later it will be highly critical that I lean out, but until she says  “NO CHEATING”, then I shouldn’t beat myself up because I’m allowed a bad day or even a bad week.  She explained to me that its a hard thing to adapt to and she shared about her initial experience in the sport.  She said it IS hard, but it will get easier.  She made me feel like I could kick this thing 🙂 She made me feel less terrible and more ready to get back on track.

I am indeed back on track! I also saw my friend‘s progress pic, who started at about the same time as me, and she looks phenomenal!


Yesterday I took my SuperPump250 and was REVVING!!! I actually did a full hour of bis and tris (usually 40 min) and was ready to do a billion situps and run 3 miles. Unfortunately I had somewhere I needed to be so had to cut it short with only a 1 hour workout.  DEFINITELY going to use it again today for legs. RAWR!

People who have motivated me this week to press on and stay true to the lifestyle:

Luke, my husband

Susan Groshek, my trainer

Donloree, training for her first competition (THIS WEEKEND) and still managed to stay true during Canadian Thanksgiving dinner!

Needless to say, I am going to stay positive.  I will push it hard at the gym realizing that now is the time to stack muscle. I will diet true. If I fail, I will not dwell on it. I will pick myself up and go with gusto into the next moment.  Now is the time.

Let’s do this.

[REVIEW] Xenadrine Xtreme

I recently started taking Xenadrine Xtreme to see if it would give my already-on-fire-metabolism another extra kick.xenadrine xtreme

How it works

You take 1 pill 15 min before a meal 3 times a day for day 1-3, then on day 4+ you increase to 2 pills each dose.

It kicks your metabolism with herbs and such and processes your food a smidgen faster.

What I do

I follow the instructions to the letter. I also eat extremely regularly, extremely perfectly, drink regular amounts throughout the day and BUST IT at the gym.  Since my body is on a near perfect clock, the supplement seems to be taking its prompt and maximum affect.

Current Results

I am definitely given more energy and focus (thanks to the herbs and vitamins in the supp).  I am definitely processing my food faster and I do think that it is giving me a boost, BUT I do think I could do without it.  I noticed that with all the fiber and deep greens I eat my body is already becoming a machine.  Do I believe in Xenadrine Xtreme? Yes, I do. Not necessarily for it’s herbal affects, but mostly for it’s psychological affects. It makes me feel like I am doing everything I can to get lean, it makes me think twice before reaching for (and avoid entirely) cheese crackers or chocolate, it makes me want to eat right, it makes me want to hit the gym, it makes me wake up and feel leaner because I know my body worked hard at the very end of the day to process nutrients.  It really shouldn’t say “weight-loss”.  I know I will not lose weight while I am on it.  I think it does what it says it does, but not JUST because of the stack.  Supplements are designed to fuel what you are already doing.  You cannot take ANY supplement and expect it to work without YOU working as well.

This not that

I also like this one better than Xenadrine Ultra, which, after the first week I started to get a cramp in my side.

This one also seems more potent than the Green Tea Fat Burner supplement, but I liked that one too.

I have only been taking it for a short time, so I’ll let you know what I think about it after 30-45 days.

If you have tried this, would love to know what you thought about it!

Training like a BEAST! (with Gaspari SuperPump250)

Yesterday I was so exhuasted – A natural result of 1 week of sleep deprivation and moving into a new apartment. There have been so many people around me getting sick so I decided to take off a little early to nap before the gym. I knew I wouldn’t get to sleep till 11p at the soonest and then still have to wake up early for work, so the nap was a good choice.

I downed my pre-workout drink and headed straight to the gym. The beast ws unleashed! I had the best workout!! My 6mph run felt like a JOG!! my hammers, curls, and shoulder pressess were all completed successfully and with increased weight. I finished off with a nice 15 min cardio and 15 min abs. It was glorious. I wanted to do more, but all that energy masked my true ability…I didnt want to hurt myself so I cut it off where I knew a good limit was.

The bummer part of yesterday…after I got home the husband made me a lean protein shake and scolded me that I wasn’t eating enough for dinner. I ignored his advice but appreciated his concern. After finishing the shake, I took a shower, cooked him dinner, and thought SURELY I will fall RIGHT TO SLEEP because I am so exhausted. Nope. it was way past midnight and I was still wide awake. Darn you energy drink.

BUT I woke up today a little groggy so grabbed a bold brew at starbucks and I have been good to go ever since! My hearty breakfast and snacks helped too. Still waiting to be picked up for lunch with the husband…HURRY UP HUSBAND, I’M STARVING!!! ^_^


I’ve been considering supplements. I want to get big, lean muscles. Have you heard of N.O.? They have a couple products I was looking into: NO Xplode and NO Fury. I have heard better things about the results on NO Xplode than Fury, but I am really wondering about the lasting affect on my veins.

I am anxious to get built, but I need to remember that fitness is a lifestyle and that “steady” is the best method.

So for now…I will truck along in my endeavors. I think I will increase the weight and lower my reps. 20-30 min prior to each workout I will drink a LC Monster (or a protein shake which is what I have been doing). That should give me an extra burst of energy that I need to have a strong workout.

Yesterday, I was trying to rush to the gym so I could join the husband, so I was unable to have my usual pre-workout protein shake. As a result, I was only able to complete 3 safe sprints…grrr…I did push through 4 full shoulder sets, 4 squat sets with increased lbs from last, 4 full dead sets, abs, 3 back sets – 1 exercise and a 7 min stint on the bike. BUT I WAS FORCING MYSELF THE WHOLE TIME. Oh man, it was ROUGH! I felt sooo weak. ergh. Today will be better. Protein at 4.30 and possibly a Monster to help make up some energy-lack from yesterday.

Rock that gym and rock that diet. Press on peeps,

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