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The Breakfast Formula and Guide

Time for a little breakfast myth busting!

Truth or Myth: Breakfast is the most important meal

Truth. Remember being told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well, that is no wives’ tale.  What you eat for breakfast tells your body what to expect for the remainder of the day.  Piling on sugary cereals, carb-laden bagels or high-sodium fast-food for breakfast can cause your body to look for at LEAST that same amount of sugar allllll dayyyy longggg! WHAT?! YES!  So be careful little mouths what you eat and make healthful, informed choices!

Truth or Myth: Skipping breakfast helps you burn fat longer

Myth. A common misconception is to skip breakfast. Your body is going through a fast while you sleep and some people want to continue that fast, but your body is actually burning through nutrients and “eating” those amazing muscles you’ve been building!  Bust the fear that eating breakfast will dampen your fat-blasting efforts!

Faith Keith's breakfast rule "Protein + Complex Carb"

My general rules is “Protein + Complex Carb”, so think eggs+english muffin or greek yogurt with berries and shredded wheat or cottage cheese and rye bread or protein shake and oatmeal or protein bar and sweet potato hash brown sticks (sweet potato hash brown sticks, you say? Yep! Recipe below and on

Now, Let’s Eat!

Get creative! Here are a few fun “recipes” to shake up your breakfast blues:

Power Oatmeal Pancakes
Vanilla Cupcake Oatmeal
Clean-Eating Power Protein Bars
Egg White Frittata
Oh-My-Gosh Egg-White Omelet
Sweet Potato Hash Brown sticks

Want more nitty-gritty?

Check out The Better Breakfast Guide | FitnessRX for Women it has your do’s and don’ts about what to eat for breakfast.  It is such an excellent guideline because it breaks down the “why’s” in plain terms, so you can make more informed choices.  Happy Breakfast!

Sweet Cravings

Chocolate chip cookies - Faith KeithI never crave sweets, but golly…the past couple weeks I have been haunted by the sneaky urge.  Once every now and then I think its good to “indulge” a little – gotta stay sane – but as a lifestyle I do try to avoid sweets.

Lately, my method to combat the cravings is to do one of the following:

  • Drink more water and reassess in 15 minutes
  • Eat handful of berries and almonds
  • Eat 1/2 C oatmeal with cinnamon and truvia
  • Gave a small non-fat, sugar free green tea latte
  • Eat 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Sometimes it just doesn’t cut it, so I finally buckled and baked myself a treat.  Check out my clean and SWEET (and chocolate!) recipe: Chocolate-Chip Cakies, Cleaned up!

Issue# 5,798 resolved…now on to Issue #5,799: heartburn haha

Faith Keith - 23 weeks preggers

23 weeks preggers

Fix Your Recipes: 5 ingredients you can switch for clean ones

I love being creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes. The internet and the lovely Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet, always have plenty for me to choose from.  Lately, I have been having SO much fun in the kitchen converting potentially “bad” recipes into “clean” ones! <<note my exclamation point…super excited about this.

Here are some conversion ratios I am putting into practice lately (I’ll be posting recipes soon as well):



Replace with
(all are even exchanges unless otherwise noted)
1 C brown sugar 1 C Stevia + 1/4 C mollasses
white flour oats or oat flour
butter coconut oil OR
peanut butter OR
apple sauce
1 egg 2 egg whites
sour cream fat free, plain, greek yogurt

September Makeover: Day 5

Sunday – ah blessed rest day!


Workout: rest



Aiming for 120oz H20 – 98oz! getting better – keeping water close at hand at all times

Meal 1: (07:00am) slice of whole wheat toast with PB

Meal 2: (10:00am) in church…missed my shake, but had 10 almonds

Meal 3: (01:00pm) salad with 2 cherry tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, couscous, —at church monthly “cover-dish lunch”. all the protein was gone by the time I went through the line. Usually I set some aside before the lunch, but got caught up in conversation.

Meal 4: (04:00pm) 1 scoop protein Coconut Berry shake –  recipe below

Meal 5: (08:30pm) Take-out: chicken with a bit of sweet & sour sauce (dipped at will, not covered in sauce) and white rice

Multi-vitamin before bed

I am quite embarrassed at my nutrition this weekend!! But I HAD to be honest with myself and post everything – how else can I make my makeover happen if I am in denial to myself thinking I am doing ok. Let’s kick it up a notch, Faith. How bad do you want this? Lean. Mean. Disciplined. That is the strong woman I want to emulate. Let’s do this. 


Coconut Berry Protein shake

1 scoop vanilla protein
4 frozen strawberries or 1/4 cup frozen berries
1 C fat free coconut milk
1 Tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut

I don’t like to blend it all the way – I like to keep the bits of fruit 🙂
I’ts a simple recipe that I’m sure you all have a twist of your own – please share! I love making these on the weekend. All week I’m stuck with the simple shake that can be done in a shaker cup, so the weekend I love to experiment!

Black Bean Brownies

I made these a while ago – these are totally not in my current meal plan – its prep baby!! But they will be fun to make again in my off season.

Image of Black bean brownies - Faith Keith

Click here for the recipe

Click HERE for Donloree’s version (the original!)

Scrambling to get my eggs

Today I had to take my dad to the airport.  Naturally I was thinking days ahead about how I was going to eat my breakfast – food is almost all I think about now. My scheduled breakfast for today was egg whites and spinach. Thanks to the amazing Google, I found a healthy recipe from for little frittata muffins! They look so cute!

I tweaked it to work for my diet and taste buds, but kept pretty close to the original.

French toast flavored coffee, black and 6 of these little babies made me one happy competitor 🙂

Egg white Frittata- Faith Keith

Get my recipe from my kitchen at OR get the ORIGINAL recipe here

The “Alli” Wholesome Frappuccino, Eat Clean

Recipe from Allison Siemens

1/2 cup milk (or 1/4 C water)

3/4 cup leftover coffee

1 cup ice

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

Blend and enjoy. “Simple, but yummy!”  Add a pinch of Splenda if you aren’t used to healthy beverages and you’ll warm up to this yummy (and shhh…healthy!) treat 🙂

The "Alli" Frappuccino - Faith Keith

Cheers! Thank you, Alli Siemens!

Follow Alli on twitter: @fitgirl_alli

Read Alli’s journey: Wholesome Fitness

Tonic: For the Onset of a Cold

I have been feeling like I am on the verge of getting sick for the past 2 weeks. It might be due to the drastic-Texas-style-weather-changes.  One day its in the upper 70’s, then the next day it’s snowing.  I like to sip this tonic that has soothed my throat so at least I don’t have that “I think I’m getting sick” feeling.

Not sure how to make this clean since the honey is a key ingredient (but quite horrible for my bodybuilding competition prep).  Any suggestions?

Was reminded of this tonic when I read the Recipe of the Month column in Deb’s Waxing Room monthly newsletter.cold fighting tonic - image from

Steamin’ Mama’s Lemonade

For cough or congestion
Healing Tonics by Jeanine Pollack

  • Juice of one medium lemon
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1-2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
  • 1/8-1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Stir the fresh lemon juice into the hot water. Add the honey or maple syrup and the cayenne peeper, and stir well.

Drink 1-2 cups as needed at the first sign of chills, sore throat, or cough. Sip slowly, and be prepared to “feel the heat”! Can be drunk as often as needed; generally, 2-3 times per day if you’re feeling sick or a few times per week as a tonic.

Buy this book on Amazon or Google Books

Protein Oatmeal

I am officially IN SEASON!! Contest prep began this week so of course my diet has changed dramatically.  One of the changes is that breakfast is now oatmeal with protein.  1 scoop of vanilla protein makes it taste like cake batter…with the consistency of oatmeal banana bread….gooey, slimy and clumpy.

If I’m going to be doing this for the next few months I figured I better get creative…FAST. So I came up with a couple recipes of my own and looked across the web for ideas.  I wanted to share these with y’all and if you have other recipes I would LOVE THEM…nay, I beg you for them.

Bon Apetite? (can you even say that about protein oatmeal?)

I found that if you give it a cool name, then it may distract you from the fact that it’s just oats 😛

Groshek ApprovedVanilla Cupcake Oatmeal

Groshek ApprovedAlmond Joy Protein Oatmeal

inspired by Almond Joy Oats –

Groshek ApprovedHawaiian Dream Oatmeal

Do you have any tricks or recipes you can share?!

Acti-Fry: Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon

Acti-Fry: Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon! This complex carb is fabulous in the acti-fry. I cube the potatoes into bite size pieces, drizzle with a bit of peanut oil, then sprinkle with a lot of cinnamon and a bit of sea salt.  Set the timer and walk away! Acti-fry successful attempt #4.  Trying to think up something to try next….hmm…any ideas?Faith Keith - Sweet potato fries in t-fal Acti-Fry

Try my Spicy Sweet Potato Oven Fries recipe they bake in the oven to a delicious crisp :)

Project: 10 Days of Veggies (reinstated) ^_^

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