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Clean Diet Myth Busters and Cave Man Measurements

Every now and then clean eating comes up in conversation – I think sometimes people feel obligated to confess or provide me with a reason why they can’t eat a certain way (wish people wouldn’t feel pressured around me! ūüôā I am totally not judging! We all live life with different priorities and we must enjoy life how we each see fit)…anyway…–It does always surprise me how many people think that clean eating can be boring, bland, or expensive!

The Discovery: Cave Man Measurements

My Husband is a Total Cave Man (and I love him for it)

Normally I do all the cooking, but since I have been preggers and sick with a virus, my trusty husband has stepped up to the plate. ¬†He has surprised me – really learning his way around the kitchen so fast and picking up tons of tricks along the way. ¬†I’ve been giving him directions using “man-measurements” to help him not feel overwhelmed. For example – instead of having him follow a normal recipe, I’ll have him cook the same thing but use measurements like “handful of this” or “two heaping spoonfuls using an eating spoon”. ¬†Because of these man-tricks I think its making the kitchen much more manageable. ¬†I hate reading recipes anyways, so I can’t imagine what it would be like for a guy who is never in there!

My food blog,, will probably start filling up with more recipes in that “Man-food” category and some might even have those “man-measurements” ūüėõ

Myth Buster: Eating Clean breaks the bank?

Eating clean has been CHEAPER for us. You’d be surprised! Sure, some ingredients will cost you at the beginning (like if you have to replace sugar for stevia – and stevia IS ¬†more expensive than GreatValue sugar), but you can use normal spices, vinegars, and sauces to create amazing meals. Frozen veggies, fruits and meats are your best friend!

Myth Buster: Frozen produce fresher than fresh produce?

YES! Often times, yes it is. Because veggies and fruits are often flash frozen once harvested VERSUS your fresh produce traveling miles to your grocer, then sitting there till you buy it, then again sitting in your fridge till you use it. Ha! Who knew?

Have any other myth busters to share? I am SURE many of you have encountered people with concerns like the ones I described (or maybe these are YOUR concerns?) and unfortunately it is a road block for them from trying out a lifestyle of clean eating. ¬†Hopefully these tips will help if you’re ready to give clean-eating another go! ūüėÄ If you have any questions, ask away!

Sweet Cravings

Chocolate chip cookies - Faith KeithI never crave sweets, but golly…the past couple weeks I have been haunted by the sneaky urge. ¬†Once every now and then I think its good to “indulge” a little – gotta stay sane – but as a lifestyle I do try to avoid sweets.

Lately, my method to combat the cravings is to do one of the following:

  • Drink more water and reassess in 15 minutes
  • Eat handful of berries and almonds
  • Eat 1/2 C oatmeal with cinnamon and truvia
  • Gave a small non-fat, sugar free green tea latte
  • Eat 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Sometimes it just doesn’t cut it, so I finally buckled and baked myself a treat. ¬†Check out my clean and SWEET (and chocolate!) recipe:¬†Chocolate-Chip Cakies, Cleaned up!

Issue# 5,798 resolved…now on to Issue #5,799: heartburn haha

Faith Keith - 23 weeks preggers

23 weeks preggers

Fix Your Recipes: 5 ingredients you can switch for clean ones

I love being creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes. The internet and the lovely Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet, always have plenty for me to choose from. ¬†Lately, I have been having SO much fun in the kitchen converting potentially “bad” recipes into “clean” ones! <<note my exclamation point…super excited about this.

Here are some conversion ratios I am putting into practice lately (I’ll be posting recipes soon as well):



Replace with
(all are even exchanges unless otherwise noted)
1 C brown sugar 1 C Stevia + 1/4 C mollasses
white flour oats or oat flour
butter coconut oil OR
peanut butter OR
apple sauce
1 egg 2 egg whites
sour cream fat free, plain, greek yogurt

Say No to Guilt

Say no to - Guilt TripWhen I eat bad, I don’t feel guilty. ¬†This is partly why I got myself overweight freshman year. HOWEVER, I think it is important NOT to feel guilty if you eat a slice of cake or dig into the bread basket.


Yes, I really believe it is important to give action and purpose to the way we view our diet. ¬†I think it is important to have planned cheats. ¬†(deciding before you go to the party if you will or will not graze and how much you will eat). ¬†But you know…life sometimes catches us off guard. ¬†How we deal with the after-math is key. ¬†If you ate too much, don’t beat yourself up with thoughts of “I shouldn’t have”, instead, realize that you wish you hadn’t and formulate a game plan to help you think first next time. ¬†Sometimes reminding myself of how I felt after eating X helps me avoid it the next time.

I enjoy food. I enjoy life. If I let my guilt control how I feel then I am at risk of falling from “disciplined” into “obsessed”.

How do you handle cheats? Do you plan them in advance or perhaps have a handy rule like “only what I can fit in my hand…once!”

Second Trimester [Meal Plan and Workouts]

[Meal Plan Sample]

  • Meal 1: Green Smoothie: (3-4 cups spinach, 1 scoop vanilla protein (or 1/2 C greek yogurt), 1 cup frozen berries or mixed fruit, 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 cup water)
  • Meal 2: 1 Cup Greek yogurt with sliced almonds (about 8-10 almonds)¬†+ berries if I needed something sweet
  • Meal 3:¬†Chicken Salad in whole wheat 1/2 pita (with sliced avocado, bean sprouts, pickle bits and peppers)
  • Meal 4:¬†1 Cup fat free cottage cheese and a small apple (you could sub the apple for wheat thins ¬†OR Apple slices with 1 Tbsp All-natural peanut butter)
  • Meal 5:4-5 Egg whites with veggies
  • Meal 6:¬†Fish and steamed veggies ¬†(or sometimes boiled as a soup)


I got back to running 5ks and am running one nearly every Saturday! My week typically looks like this:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Back/shoulders/chest + light cardio¬†¬†(short jog, elliptical, bike, stairmill, or walking)
  • Wednesday: Arms + Run (for distance)
  • Thursday: Legs
  • Friday: Full Body +¬†light cardio (short jog, elliptical, bike, stairmill, or walking)
  • Saturday: 5k Race

Feeling lost…Mind if I talk this one outloud?…

Sometimes I feel like my life is a series of constant readjustments. Just when I have a routine, things change and I am forced to reassess my game plan. That’s just life though, right!

Of course being pregnant sure throws some spice into all of that “routine” business. ¬†It’s hard knowing when to go to the gym. ¬†Some days I feel sick and too tired, but can’t tell if I am just being lazy. I’d like to just do all my workouts at home, but that would mean mostly plyos and cardio since I don’t have much of a weight selection at home. So then I suppose the natural question would be, “what are my goals?”…well gosh…I don’t know… “healthy baby + healthy me” comes to mind, but that’s just all too vague. ¬†“stay lean during pregnancy”, but that sounds so selfish…

I think I am feeling like a “failure” and a little “lost” because I am measuring it by my gym attendance and effort. ¬†Maybe I should switch gears ENTIRELY …like focus on plyo full body workouts at home on days I feel good and 2-3 days of jogging…?

For right now (and this could change tomorrow), I think my goals are:

  1. stay as active as possible
  2. eat nutritionally, avoiding processed foods and *simple carbs
  3. drink 128+ oz water daily


Where’s that great book of “all the answers for the life of Faith” when you need it? ūüėõ


*This is a great list that I found of simple versus complex carbs – it is from SugarAddiction

First Trimester [Meal Plan and Workouts]

Month 1: Gusto for Clean Eats

Meal Plan

Not really different from my normal meal plans ūüôā

Meal #1  Р4 egg whites scrambled with veggies (peppers, onions, spinach, sometimes broccoli) and slice of whole grain toast or a whole grain english muffin (add sugar free jelly sometimes), ginger tea

Meal #2 – 1 Cup greek yogurt with berries (add truvia sometimes if I’m craving sweet)

Meal #3 – 4 oz fish or chicken, ¬†romaine salad with lemon juice as dressing (sometimes I’ll stir in a 1/2 teaspoon of dressing with the lemon juice for flavor)

Meal #4 –¬†Fat free cottage cheese or greek yogurt with fresh berries,¬†12 almonds ¬†OR cottage cheese + wheat thins OR Celery and PB

Meal #5 –¬†4 oz of chicken/turkey with 1/2 cup of black beans with a Tbsp of salsa and broccoli

First Tri Tip: Ginger tea Рfor calming nausea and healthy digestion (both are symptoms onset by hormones during pregnancy)

Favorite Cheats Treats: small avocado with lemon juice, skinny cow, Swiss Miss Cocoa with Calcium No-Sugar Added

I am avoiding where possible foods rich in vitamin A, as it is linked to complications and birth defects.

Foods rich in vitamin A:
information source: 

  • liver
  • sweet potatos
  • carrots
  • mangoes
  • spinach
  • cantaloupe
  • dried apricots
  • milk
  • egg yolks
  • mozzarella cheese


5 day split for lifting: upper, lower, arms, total body

4 days Cardio (running, incline-walking, elliptical, bike, stair master)

Month 2: Adjusting Nutrition

Things got a little topsy turvy! Nausea set in so I cut my meal sizes down and ate every 2 hours instead of 3.  Completely avoided sweets except in fruit and, like usual, steered clear of any processed foods.

Workouts were still strong but I cut it down to a 4 day split when the fatigue started affecting my work.

Month 3: Adjusting Exercise

2 words. FOOD. AVERSION. I had a hard time finding an adjustment here to still get all my nutrients in. There was one day where my brown bag spinach salad tasted like FISH, so I couldn’t even eat it nor the packet of tuna I brought to go with it. *le sigh* I found my body craving cheese and sometimes grains, so I allowed myself a serving of a grain or cheese on the days where nothing else would swallow. ¬†I have only gained about 2 pounds – I am not really monitoring it, becaue frankly it’s not the weight I care about…it’s my nutrition count. I do not want to overeat what I need, but I do not want to under-eat essential nutrients (for me OR baby).

Workouts – I have absolutely resided to listening to my body. I feel comfortable doing this because I TRULY WANT to be at the gym every day, so I let my body tell me if I shouldn’t. ¬†The fatigue and sickness is just too unpredictable, so when I do hit the gym I have to reassess what body parts or style of workout I should do that day (as oppose to following my typical 4-5day split)

I have a RIDICULOUSLY short torso (seriously…my ribs sit only maybe 3 inches away from my hip bones)…so I’m not sure, but I think I might be showing more than my long-torso’d counterparts.

faith keith - first trimester

Bye-bye abs! Hello bump!

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