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Grocery List

Loaded up on some great stuff. My grocery list:
Yoplait light yogurt (blueberry and new pomegranate flavor!)
Skim milk (for protein shakes and cereal)
Cascadian Farm Organic cereal – Honey Toasted O’s
Large eggs
All Natural Chicken Breast
Tuna in water
Ground Sirloin 98% fat free
Jello Sugar Free pudding – Banana-Chocolate
Smoked Turkey (from the deli…less sodium)
Bean Sprouts (deli style)
Carb-light tortillas (small)
Green tea bags (I heart green tea)
Light Mayo
Skim cheese sticks (Cow Pals)
Vanilla Protein (<1g sugar per scoop)
Peppridge Farm Bread – Whole grain: 15 Grain
Raw Almonds unsalted

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