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September Makeover: Day 2

My mornings at work are the busiest part of my day, so my mid-AM meal is always a quickie to fix. For every excuse there is a solution – if you want to reach a goal, you must have a plan. This applies to even my mid-AM protein shake. ^__^

WHAT IS NOT EASY: fighting through the hunger between meals at home. THE WEEKEND IS COMING *shivers* gotta keep my head in the game. Being honest on here helps.


Workout: active recovery / rest

Rest day. Feels weird to have a rest day so early in the challenge while energy is high, but since I have been running a lot in the 5 days prior to the challenge, I decided the usual scheduled rest would be a good idea.

… AND it’s my date night with the hubs which we don’t skip for anything 😉

Usually on this day I will do an early morning run, or train mid day.  I will post another “Day 2” in case YOU don’t want to rest today – in actuality Day2b will be the info of my last day of August 🙂



Aiming for 120oz H20 – 82 – still not getting enough!

Meal 1:  (06:00am) whole wheat English muffin with 1 tsp PB

Meal 2:  (10:15am) 1 scoop protein shake in water

Meal 3:  (1:15pm) 3 oz tuna with 8 banana peppers and a sprinkle of cayenne, 12 almonds

Meal 4:  (04:00pm) 12 almonds (this was meant to hold me over till date night – ie cheat night)

Meal 5:  (06:00pm) Cheat meal! spring roll, sushi, glass of champagne

Multi-vitamin before bed



My First

Last night I wanted a cookie and somehow managed to say no and then distract myself till bedtime! I had my first “no” to a craving in a long time!


I think the first one is the hardest…until the “keep it up” part ^_^

Here we go! Doing this challenge with BoB sisters: Michelle, Lisa and Susan!

21 Day Challenge: Day 14

I’m getting my buns in the kitchen!  For all you fitness freaks you know that a healthy body is made in the kitchen first and secondarily in training.  I took a cue from Jamie Eason to get creative in the kitchen when I catch myself looking for food.  I learned about myself that I get that way ONLY at home and typically about 1-2 hours from my next meal.

My new tricks (other than the 2 tips to successful dieting):

  1. I will munch. Depending on the time of day, if I get the munchies, I will have a small portion of my next meal as a way of ENSURING that I don’t eat junk while waiting for the clock to hit meal time.  Example: I had 4 oz of sweet potato and it not only held me over but it also gave me energy for my 3 mile run.
  2. Cook for the taste buds. I’ve been cooking my food just to get it packed and ready.  I hate chicken, so I figure I’ll have to get over it anyway, BUT NOT TRUE!!! There ARE ways that I DO like chicken, so why the heck do I not cook it for my taste buds?!?! #becauseIamstupid  I am going to start cooking tasty recipes!

So…it’s common sense stuff, but I guess my brain was on auto-pilot and I wasn’t taking the time to notice that I can enjoy eating healthy again.

I’m in need of healthy recipes to add to my library! Please share! and I love pics if you have them! ♥

Join Michelle’s 21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge: Day 4

What is my reason for sticking to my clean diet?

Why not make that allowed “3 free meals” a “4 or 5 free meals” instead?

I know how to stick to my diet, but what is/are my reasons?…

My something new today – make a list of why I want to eat Meal #5.  (it’s the only meal I seem to have trouble with)

  • to stay lean (and not botch all the hard work I did that day)
  • to feel good in my favorite jeans (even if I am my worst critic, I still feel like poo when I know I’m not doing my best)
  • to FEEL like I am doing all that I can to stay hot for my hubs
  • So I can get on the scale and not spend the next 2 minutes calculating what the 2-4lbs is made up of
  • So I can have my active body functioning at its prime capacity
  • because I WANT to lose 5 lbs
  • because I like muscular definition

the 21 Day Challenge

2 Tips on Successful Dieting

Stemmed from the Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip of the Day, I give you 2 tips to increase your chances of succeeding with your new diet.

  1. Be specific. Be precise about what you are trying to achieve and when you will do it. It’s not enough to say “I want to be fit and will work out consistently”. Write in your calendar the exact days and times so you can hold yourself accountable and have your diet written out to follow (including when you will have a “treat meal”).
  2. Focus on what you will do, not what you won’t. When trying to change behavior, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the bad habit. Focus on the substitute instead. If you want to stop munching, don’t dwell on the times you’ve caved to your cravings. Think about what you will do the next time you find yourself hovering over the pantry.

Thank you Michelle for sharing the Harvard tip of the day – you inspired this post!

My Tricks on Dining Out

Obviously it is best to eat out as little as possible. I prefer to cook at home because I can control my food, how its cooked, how it’s seasoned, etc (and plus…I love to cook!)  BUT the world operates differently and that’s life – you have to live.

Eat clean while eating out - dining with friends
image from Esquire

I’ve become accustomed (and actually really enjoy) researching the menu online before I go. Here’s what I do:

  1. I find the perfect selection for my desired nutrition and think about how delicious it is going to be.
  2. When I get to the restaurant, I do not even open the menu so that my plans are not thwarted!  It’s easy to say “I know exactly what I want” with exuberance and people won’t question you.
  3. I get myself excited about the food ahead of time and determine in my head that I will not eat the bread that is brought to the table.  Mentally preparing myself makes the meal SO enjoyable and not like a prison.

    Eat clean while eating out - Faith Keith

    image from photobucket

If I can’t look at the menu ahead of time:

  1. I avoid ALL PICTURES and
  2. I avoid reading the adjectives and mouth-watering descriptions intentionally designed to activate ravaging. I am so visual – when I read a description I can visualize the food and sauce and I will either be absolutely sabotaged OR completely dissatisfied with my healthy choice.

Anyone have any other tricks I can incorporate?

I have a lot of weddings and traveling coming up that will not always give me opportunity to research the menu ahead – I need to come up with some ideas for a game plan!

Yay, Normal People Food!

Yesterday I left the office at lunch, but this time it wasn’t for the gym!!  I was picking up a grilled chicken wrap! yum!

For the first time in what seems like a life-time ago, I bought my lunch.  When I was paying I wanted to tell the cashier, “This is my first normal people lunch in 8 months!” But I refrained. I might have given her a heart attack.

Faith Keith - grilled chicken wrap

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