Fitness with toddlers at my feet and babies in my arms

Fitness before kids was easy. Now its a constant juggle! 🙂 The circus has jugglers…cuz juggling is fun 🙂
2012 – our first child!
2013 – our first daughter!
2015 – baby #3 It’s a girl!

The enchanting hours after full time work spent with the love of my life and our 3 small children, then the wakeful nights with our newest nursing baby bring so much joy!! Eating clean as a family has become a really refreshing chapter for my husband and I, as we make efforts to bring our health & fitness world to our children by example.

Finding a workout schedule for myself seems so out of reach unless I sacrifice family or sleep or work…so, what’s a mom to do?  I found inspiration from IFPA Pro Melissa Cunningham (mother of FOUR), IFBB Pro Susan Groshek (full time nurse and basically my “gospel of fitness” and trainer who got me 3rd place on my first show!), Maria Kang (From “No Excuses” mother of 3 under 3 post that caused great ruckus in the e-world) and lastly, but MOST importantly and the most influential inspiration are these two: my sister, Leah White, extreme-sports lover, fitness competitor, shock-trauma nurse and wife and [soon-to-be] mother to my nephew that will make his debut in December 2015; my husband the lover, father of my children, joker, motivator, fellow bodybuilder and house chef extraordinaire whom I absolutely cannot live without.

I have read about and talked with countless women who have had children and husbands and full time jobs and still found a way to get in shape, but I still find myself asking, “but…is it really doable?” After much thought, I see that it really boils down to my expectations on the timing of reaching my goal.

This next chapter of my life will be discovering the tactical answer to “is it really doable?” And I have a very good feeling about what I will find on the other side.

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2 responses to “Fitness with toddlers at my feet and babies in my arms

  • melissa cunningham

    Becca!!!!!! WOW I found you again!!!!!
    I cant believe you have 3 little ones now!
    congrats on all fronts and I have no doubts you will be back in shape in no time!
    its all about balance and finding the right schedule!!
    Im only an email away if you need anything!
    sending big hugs your way!!!!!!!!!!
    Melissa Cunningham

  • melissa cunningham

    wait-not becca lol!!!!
    sorry I know a gal who I lost contact with and all I saw was the side bar!!!!!
    *dumb mistake* please forgive!

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