Eating clean TOGETHER

Wanting togetherness

My husband is accustomed to prepping and cooking his meals for the week, but we really wanted to create “togetherness” at dinner time, so dinner prep brainstorming is on tornado watch at our house.

My darling complications

My son (2 yrs) had tons of food allergies until recently, so his taste buds developed based on the few things he was able to eat.

My daughter (10 mos) will eat anything, but the poor thing doesn’t have enough teeth.

My husband eats all our protein (yay budget…)

It sometimes SEEMS daunting to think of meals that will serve everyone’s nutrition (and goals) and have them all actually EAT it. HA! I’ve made some awesome meal plans only to have this one push it away and that one pick things out. Le sigh…


Currently, I am <attempting> introducing one new thing every couple of days (one week 3 now!). In between, I am letting everyone eat things they are familiar with and love.  In one new meal I now discovered that my kids LOVE the gritty, hearty, whole grain flavor and texture!! That was a win for me mentally and emotionally! So, I truck on! And with enthusiasm!! My daughter and I seem to be the only ones drooling over cottage cheese pancakes, but that’s okay. More for us.


I have talked a lot about pregnancy and adjusting to life with kids, mostly because I wanted to share any information and resources that I personally was so desperate to find during those times. I don’t have all the answers, but I love to share what I have learned, so please feel free to message me in a post here or on facebook:

xoxo FK

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