When Do New Moms Workout?

When I read this excerpt I nearly died laughing because I could totally relate:

Let’s run through a day:
5:45 AM Feed baby. Put to sleep.
8:30- 9:00 AM Feed baby. Play and then struggle to get baby to sleep until next feeding at 12.
12 PM Feed baby. Put baby on mat while I snarfle lunch. Put baby in stroller and walk around (does this count as exercise?).
3 PM Feed baby. Play with baby. Get baby to sleep by 4:45 PM (FINALLY!). Put him in crib. Baby wakes up. Try again and again. Finally get baby down at 5:30 PM.
6:30 PM Feed baby. Pass baby off to hubby while I cook dinner.
Eat dinner with baby in one arm.
Miscellaneous house/baby/family stuff.
8:30 PM Feed baby laying down. Doze off.
10 PM Stumble into bed.
5:45 AM Rinse and repeat.

Excerpt from: http://blogs.babycenter.com/mom_stories/when-do-new-moms-exercise/

Now add in the mix that I actually work full time 8:00-5:00. I work remotely with a nanny, so I still see my son a few times a day and get to spend lunch hour with him, but it is certainly not the same as getting to stay in PJs or take him to the park mid day and join play groups (*dreams*).

It all boils down to the fact that there are limited number of hours in a day, so something’s gotta give. What new mom wants to sacrifice sleep or time with baby?  Especially us working mom’s who already have very limited time with our little nuggets.

Living in Texas also limits what I can do WITH baby – I cant always put him in stroller or bjorn because its either too hot, or too bright, or too windy, or too cold –We so rarely have that “perfect” weather.

Oh and criticizing outsiders (who are not mom’s) don’t you forget, we are new mom’s but we are still a wife!  Keeping my husband a priority in my life like I still love him severely or something 🙂 in between diaper duty is a balancing act in itself!  Not to mention the babies change all the time!! Every phase is different, so just when you think you’ve got them figured out and can start planning a little schedule, he hits a growth spurt.  My baby #1 just turned 1 year old and I feel like I am still trying to figure things out.  I better move fast because baby #2 will be here in 8 or so weeks! Can’t wait!!

I am not going to pretend like I’ve got it all together, but you can bet yer sweet bippy that I am trying my hardest to look for ways to make fitness happen AND not sacrifice a second of this sweet growing time with my little one. I have come to realize that every child is different, every MOM is different, and every household has its own unique needs, SO there is no ONE right path or schedule that will work for all moms.  We all seem to have to pave our own way.  I’d like to leave new mom’s with the feeling that you are not alone, fitness and health CAN be yours, trial and error is how we roll, and keep being creative – the fact that you are trying at all proves you are a good mom who won’t give up. Keep it up.




An article with ideas for fitting in workouts AM, mid day or PM: New Moms Find Time for Fitness

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