Diastasis Recti

I just was informed at my last doc appointment that I have diastasis recti (abs are tearing down the middle due to the pressure of growing uterus) 😦 It is not that bad yet, so that’s good.  I was suuuuuper bummed because I still have 3 more months to go and it will probably get worse.  HOWEVER, I am happy that LOTS of research has been done on what exercises I can do WHILE pregnant AND I am so thankful for the many fit mamas who have paved the way for me.  One in particular who I recently received great pointers and encouragement from is IFPA Pro Melissa Cunningham (check out her blog at: melissacunninghamifpapro.blogspot.com). I had originally contacted her for my friend who had diastasis recti with her 2nd pregnancy, so I had all this info, youtube links and tips already at my fingertips! Special thank you to you, Melissa, for your time and compassion for reaching out to someone you don’t even know!

Thankfully, running is still totally ok. I was bummed when the Physician’s Assistant told me no lifting or exercising, BUT …I am going to wait and talk to my doc (who was out of office that day) who’s husband was a bodybuilder and knows my backgroud, so she is very familiar with workouts. I am hoping she will be able to shed more light on what REALLY is ok or not ok.  Like pull ups with my transverse abs activated- are those ok? I’m thinking yes.  But push ups…maybe not since gravity is putting pressure on the weak connective tissue.

Informative online resources:

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7 responses to “Diastasis Recti

  • melissa cunningham

    Thanks for the shout out,chica!!!!
    just hang in there with everything!!! i’ve been through it 4x….even though I am 98% healed up,i do notice that the midline separation of my abdominals is deeper now-which actually gives the appearance of deeper abdominal cuts when im on stage!
    : )
    the best thing you can do while pregnant is to stay active and keep your muscles strong–obviously,you will have to modify certain exercises, just talk to your dr about what to avoid specifically…
    its after the baby gets here, and the weeks following,when your ligaments are still loose, that you have to be mindful of certain exercises.

    you’ll get through it!
    im just an email away if you need anything!


    • Faith Keith

      REALLY?! that’s encouraging!! I’m hoping I have your same results of amazing abs after baby(ies) with proper workouts and consistency. Thanks for making yourself available!!! It’s really nice to know I have someone to run to.

  • Donloree

    Ouchie! I am so glad Melissa reached out. You ladies are amazing. Glad to hear you’ll still be able to workout some. 🙂 Keep ‘project grow a human’ front and foremost. 🙂

  • diastasisrectified

    Thanks for this post! You are at such an advantage in that you’ve identified the diastasis prenatally and you’re so well informed. I’m a fit mom who’s five months pp now and blogging my progress as I (hopefully) get back my strong core.

    In regard to your push-up comment, I did them all 9 months (switched the knees eventually) and totally regret it in retrospect. I could see my insides falling through the gap but I just thought it was my abdominis rectus! I also did side arm balances the whole time and that probably wasn’t a great idea either. Oh well, live and learn.

    Congrats on your new addition! What a great blessing.

    • Faith Keith

      Many well wishes as you work to get your core back! I will definitely be checking out your journey on diastasisrectified.wordpress.com!

      You are so right about the push ups. I have tried several sets focusing and rethinking and holding myself in different ways to try to get my girdle to hold it all together while I perform a push up. To no avail! So I think wall pushups are my best bet if I am to continue doing them.

      Thanks so much for sharing – it is great to connect with others who have been there or are going through it so I can glean from what you have already learned.

  • Kimberly

    Couldn’t find a link to contact you but I was wondering if I could use your diastasis recti image on my blog? Thanks!

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