Thou Shalt Not Make Fitness Thy God

This is SUCH an important concept for all those in the fitness world.  Whether you are trying to get lean, maintain a lifestyle or create a new one, something we all need to be acutely aware of is…Fitness is NOT #1 priority.

I LOVED this post by Namely #4 and #9 of their “10 Commandments Of Getting Lean”.  Sohee Lee, the author of the post said it so well, so I wanted to just add a few comments while including an excerpt from her article. Faith, family and friends come first. Enjoy life! The most terrible thing you can do is turn fitness into your god and cause everyone around you to be annoyed and turned off by your lack of ability to enjoy life or see the greater priorities of life.  I HAVE BEEN GUILTY OF THIS VERY THING!!! Feeling upset at the “haters” that were/are so negative about my lifestyle and annoyed when my family would have junk food laying around the house (and would make that very clear to them), the list goes on!  There is a place for fitness in the enjoyment of life and I think fitness can help you enjoy life to its fullest, but I am so avidly against making fitness the only thing surviving in my world.  I have so many friends who compete or are fitness icons in my life, but they have found a balance to also being some of the greatest friends I will ever meet. They are a reminder that fitness does not have to be your god for you to master it.  It’s not all or nothing!

4 / Thou Shalt Not Make Fitness Thy God

Oh, boy. I don’t want to think about how many years of my life were tainted by my insistence of making fitness my first priority, above absolutely everything. I’m painfully aware of the friendships that I let dissolve and all the missed opportunities for laughter, cherished memories, and inside jokes. I started countless ridiculous fights with my family over what restaurant to go to, and whether we should go out at all.

It hurts my heart to think about it now because I know it wasn’t necessary. And ironically, in my fanatical quest to become lean and strong and physically healthy, I became mentally unwell. I took a sick sort of pride in spending my evenings scouring fitness forums when I could have been sitting by a bonfire with my buddies. I snapped when my brother came near my food, and I didn’t let myself enjoy my family vacation to Bali. Does the hotel have a gym? What kind of equipment does it have? I should pack all my own food. It sucked, but I didn’t know any other way.

Fitness isn’t the panacea to all of your life’s problems, nor will it ever be. I believe that it should be an important part of everyone’s lives, but by no means should it take up the number-one spot. Family, friends, and religion and spirituality should all come before fitness. So much more gratification stems from those things.

Today my life overflows with love, and fitness is just one part of that—as it should be.

This is exerpt is from an article on Click here to read the full article []

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One response to “Thou Shalt Not Make Fitness Thy God

  • Donloree

    Yes. I know exactly what you mean. I used to be ridiculous…now I have found balance. You have got me musing on this topic for sure. Proud of you my friend!

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