Prenatal & Postpartum DVD Challenge! #Bumppower

This one is for my pregnant and post-baby ladies out there!  I am challenging you to a DVD challenge! Are you up for joining?

The Challenge:

  • Get a DVD. Pick a Prenatal or postpartum workout program on DVD (Amazon makes it easy to look at all the options out there. Most are only $10!). Try to aim high and get one that will meet your physical abilities and challenge you (I don’t mean “kill you” 🙂 – I just mean, that if you are capable of doing more than prenatal yoga, but not enough to do cardio dance party, then maybe to weight lifting or prenatal pilates).
  • Mark your calendar. 
    • Do this workout DVD program for at least 30 days (choose your time period)
    • Aim to rest no more than 1-2 days every week. The best thing is to plan when you will rest, so you can look forward to it AND you will not just rest on a day when you really should be working out
  • Write an article! Once your 30 or so days are up I want to hear from you about
    • what your thoughts were on that DVD program,
    • your activity level before pregnancy,
    • how your body responded to the DVD program,
    • how it affected your pregnancy or post-baby body and
    • any tips or comments you would like to share with the pregnant community!.
      You never know how encouraging your experience can be for another woman, so don’t keep it to yourself!

Be sure to tell me that you are joining in on the challenge and the DVD you chose! Also, if you’re blogging about your DVD challenge or on twitter I’d love to follow you and bring us together on the e-community!

Check back every Friday for the month of May and June for #BumpPower progress checker!


Twitter hashtag: #Bumppower 

Tweet with me: @thefaithkeith

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