Expecting the Unexpected!

As most of you know, I just had a baby boy 7 months ago.  Recently I started training harder and dieting strong! After a couple weeks I took this picture out of excitement:

After a few weeks I was just having trouble. Struggling with my energy and nursing was not going so well anymore. My milk production seemed to plummet! After working with my trainer to get my milk back up, to no avail, and my baby losing weight I finally went to see my doc.


To my everlasting surprise I am 2.5 months preggers!!

My husband saying "I knew it"

photo (63)

So, blessing journey #2, here we go! 🙂


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8 responses to “Expecting the Unexpected!

  • melissa cunningham

    oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was 12 weeks along before i found out about my first!!!
    : )
    and having 2 under 2,will be so much fun!
    challenging at times,but still it will be an adventure!

    heres to a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!!!!

    • Faith Keith

      WOW! 12 weeks along?!?! That would be crazy! “Hi, your first trimester is over” haha

      I am so excited that they will be close in age. Starting to wonder if I will get sleep anytime soon haha, but I am totally excited 🙂

      Thanks for the well wishes!!

  • Kari

    SO exciting!! I’m so happy for you and Luke! Congratulations!!!!

    • Faith Keith

      Thanks, Kari!!! What a crazy time! It was really fun (and a hilarious story now) talking to all you B-girls about my health issues and then y’all being RIGHT THERE when I realized it was pregnancy haha. That was the best.

  • Donloree

    So excited and happy for you! 🙂 You are an amazing family.

    • Faith Keith

      Thanks so much for rejoicing with us AGAIN ha! De ja vu? 🙂 Thanks for your support from the very beginning of my long journey…bodybuilding…to infertility…to first baby…now #2! 🙂 Great friends are a rare blessing.

  • Jessica

    Congrats Faith! Having kids close together is awesome. Tiring but awesome! So they will be 15 months apart? You will rock this pregnancy and 2 kids! My three ages 3 and under keep me on my toes. Bummer about your milk supply though. I will be joining your #bumppower challenge!

    • Faith Keith

      Wow! I didn’t realize your 3 kids were all under the age of 3! WOW! Yes Lidon and #2 will be 14 months apart – I am super uber excited and a little nervous haha!

      Glad you’re joining the challenge!! This will be so much fun! Every Friday I will be checking back in. Last Friday I posted a meal plan, if you’re interested. I know you eat Paleo, so modifications would need to be made since I include dairy. Let me know if you need other meal option ideas. Work strong! Let’s do this!

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