LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 27-28 REST & RECOVERY

Day 27: The difference between casein and whey protein. What it’s best for and when to take it.

Day 28: General info on all your different protein sources. Know what to look for when you’re looking for lean meats. Info for vegetarians as well.

FitnessRX for Women


These 2 rest days could not have come at a more perfect time. I have had a loss of appetite from nausea and it has really messed with my energy levels. During my rest days I love to peruse a few fitness favs like Fitness RX magazine. The articles and images of strong women are always such a motivation boost for me, not to mention they always have a few recipes to shake up the dinner table (Since my husband is in prep and has to cook and measure his own food right now, it is easy for me to let MY dinner be boring. Say no to boring fuel!)

Hmmm…what to do on my “day off”….I think I’ll take my kid to the park!  He’s too little to play, but he loves the outdoors and watching people and their pups.

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