LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 26 Shoulders/Abs

Day 26 and the LAST workout day before Phase 2! I am so pumped! Ready to build and sculpt, baby!


The only variations were with cables and then the Roman chair leg lifts (just like Day 19)

Rear delt cable flies. I stood on my resistance band and did single arm rear delt flies to get the full range of motion.

Roman chair leg lifts. For those I did a bench version. I sat on the edge of my firm leather coffee table, hands gripping slightly behind me, held my legs up out in front of me like a leg raise then pulled my legs to my chest.

More than ever, start focusing on that diet. Your body will need the right fuel to build beautiful muscle (the muscle that will reward you by burning extra calories for you when you’re just sitting there! #win)

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