LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 25 Legs

I SEE CHANGES! Yay diet and consistency! How about you? Are you doing the LiveFit diet or your own? If you have recipes I’d love to hear them!! One more day before Phase 2! I’m Stoked!

Day 25


Same variations as Day 22

Leg Extensions: I did these as single leg extensions. You’ll see why. Standing on the ends of my resistance band, I hooked my working leg through the loop of the band. From there I executed my single-leg extension. The resistance became tighter as I hit the top of the extension – to ensure I was getting a good workout, I shortened the loop until the resistance was very difficult, but still doable.

Lying Leg Curls: I used a swiss ball in earlier weeks, so this time I used my coffee table as a bench and did bench hamstring extensions.

Calf raises: As in previous weeks, use dumbbell on your shoulder for standing and on your knees for seated.

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2 responses to “LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 25 Legs

  • Nikki Hemsworth

    Hey Hey Girl!! Spring has finally arrived and while I haven’t had a baby, I still managed to gain 10 lbs! Lol Day 3 of of the LiveFit, and I feel awesome & I know I am going to Love, Love, LOVE this! The diet was my biggest concern but so far I am extremely focused and I know I HAVE to say ‘No’. I am doing my own cardio this week but I cant wait to incorportate Jamie’s Cardio plan next week. Booked this years Half Marathon for Sept, the Canmore Rocky Mountain HM, cant wait 🙂 Great to see everyone in your house is happy and healthy. Take Care 🙂

    • Faith Keith

      Hey Nikki!! WOW half marathon! Go you!!! That’s incredible! With the half mary training, the LiveFit trainer and the new diet you are sure to be making SERIOUS progress! The diet on the LiveFit Trainer has so much variety and I know several people who loved the diet and really made it work. It was a little too much prep for me to do their exact meal plan, but I am following the same patterns of protein to veggie quantities/ounces/measurements. Glad you have been able to stay focused on it – saying ‘No’ is harder than ever without a stage date LOL

      Great to hear from you! Are you blogging on a different blogger these days?

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