LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 22 Legs

Day 22

These were the same Variations as last week, but for the sake of convenience I wanted to post them here again. I’m loving the added body weight challenges my friends and I are doing. In addition to today’s workout, today’s daily challenge was 15 minutes of wall sits (split up in as many sittings as you want, but the best thing is to just get it over with haha), 3x 1 minute of continuous squats and 3x 1 minute of jumping alternating lunges. Go! 😀


Leg Extensions: I did these as single leg extensions. You’ll see why. Standing on the ends of my resistance band, I hooked my working leg through the loop of the band. From there I executed my single-leg extension. The resistance became tighter as I hit the top of the extension – to ensure I was getting a good workout, I shortened the loop until the resistance was very difficult, but still doable.

Lying Leg Curls: I used a swiss ball in earlier weeks, so this time I used my coffee table as a bench and did bench hamstring extensions.

Calf raises: As in previous weeks, use dumbbell on your shoulder for standing and on your knees for seated.

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