LiveFit @home – Phase 1: Day 1: Chest/Tris

Hey any of you out there tryin’ to get a groove for gym time when you can’t leave the house on a consistent schedule or just don’t feel you have the time?  Word up! I am a new mom so adjustment has been crrrraaazy! I am ALL about NO EXCUSES, so I am not even letting myself off the hook.  So if your problem is something like I mentioned above and are tired of feeling flabNdrab, then follow my 12 week journey and be encouraged that there is a way!

Day 1 Workout

Since I am working out at home and do not have all the equipment I will be noting what alternative exercises I do, but…FYI nothing beats the variety you can get at the gym.  The variety, diet and your consistency is what gets you the results the team claim.


Diet.  The diet is the most important part! I am not using their diet because I wanted a personalized diet (nothing beats that 🙂 ). So I hired my amazing trainer, Susan Groshek, IFBB pro (who helped me win at the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011), to write my diet.  She can write one for you too! Check her out

Exercise.  The only exercise variation I had to make: Tricep Pushdown
Tricep Pushdown alternative: bent over tricep kick backs

What you need:

  • graduating dumbbells
  • Resistance bands / stretchy cables (I got mine at Academy Sports and Target)

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