Busy But Gettin Fit

It’s hard to make workouts happen when you are at the mercy of whatever may fly your way from day to day.  If  you are like me, every day is different.  One day you might have time to get in a 1 hour workout and then the next day you can barely brush your teeth without multi-tasking at least one other thing.

I have determined the following things:

  1. If I can get it in. I WILL. No excuses. If I am tired, I will still get it in if the time is there.
  2. If I can’t get it in, I will tell myself it’s ok. Don’t be frustrated.
  3. I will eat/diet like it matters

This is the only way I can stay sane.

7 weeks postpartum:  down 18lbs of the 21! 3 to go, then the vanity 5 🙂 Wee!

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4 responses to “Busy But Gettin Fit

  • melissa cunningham

    LOVE your attitude, mamma!!
    if you have the time,go for it,even when your tired!!!
    thats one of the biggest keys to getting right back in shape after having kiddos-the other part is nutrition,and the other part is desire—looks like youve got all the parts to the puzzle,chica!
    you rock!!!!!!!!

    • Faith Keith

      Thanks for the encouragement! Some days are harder than others. Some days the nutrition is hardest to stick to and some days its hard to kick my butt out the door! One battle at a time to fit-mammahood!

  • Damian D.

    Awesome job! I have bookmarked your site to show your experience to my wife once she goes through the same process. She is looking forward to her first pregnancy but getting back in shape after birth is something that is kinda of dreading. By breaking down into small, attaining steps I think you will provide her not only great motivation but also good coaching. Thank you.

    • Faith Keith

      I totally understand how she is feeling!! It CAN be done! The hardest thing for me was comparing myself to other fit moms–because being a FIRST time mom is waaaay different than being a mom of 3 kids over the age of 5! You just have to do what you can WHEN you can and every chance you are able. They key? Diet….If she eats the right foods throughout her pregnancy it just melts right off.

      Thanks for bookmarking my site!! I hope it can serve as encouragement and motivation to her!

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