2012 Final Quarter Goals

My 2012 Final Quarter Goals are as follows

  • October: Triathlon
  • November: Pre-baby weight
  • December: 4 short distance races (5k-10k length)

How I will get there:

Happy final quarter everyone! Keep reaching for your goals!

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2 responses to “2012 Final Quarter Goals

  • melissa cunningham

    triathlon just weeks after giving birth???
    and…you will love getting in the swing of things with 5k’s and such! hal higdon programs are easy to follow and adjust-perfect for new mommies who have to readjust schedules on occasion
    and im sure you have no worries losing any of the pregnancy weight.its probably already gone by now and you are able to get back in all your clothes! and if on the slim chance you arent–your goals are a sure fire way to get you back and even in better shape than your before!
    keep us updated on how the training goes!!!!

    • Faith Keith

      Hal Higdon! Glad to hear that because his training schedule is the one I am trying! It HAS been pretty flexible for me – loving it!

      You know….I honestly wish I could run a 5k with you, Melissa. You are too much fun and always WAY encouraging.

      My old clothes…getting in them is not really the problem, its FEELING GOOD in them! ha!! Soon…soon…

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