How to Stay True When You Want the Forbidden…SO BAD

I love to chat with people who are fresh on a new diet or workout goal; they are energized and ramped with motivation. Then we get a week in the new program and our forbidden foods start to call to us.

What do you do when the foods you designated as “off limits today” is taunting you?

I decided to come up with a few ideas for evading those beckoning pantries.

  • Make a list of reasons about WHY you want your goal and read the list. Making a list of the reasons why you want your goal is great because in the heat of the moment we want that brownie way enough to justify it.
  • Tape pictures of fitness role models to the lids or sides of the treats. The visual is almost a sure fire way to keep my hands out of the cookie jar.
  • Time yourself. When you feel the urge to snack (and its not a designated meal/snack time), drink a glass of water (add lemon juice to it or calorie free flavoring) and time yourself for 20 minutes.  Tell yourself you will reassess in 20 minutes. Don’t you remember, as a kid, asking your parents for something and they would say “let me think about it”…eventually you learned they were deferring you to a later time, but hey…it bought them a little extra time.
  • Recall. Recall the last time you cheated and how much you regretted it.
  • Phone a friend. Ask a friend to be your accountability partner (you don’t have to share the same goals or “rules of engagement”) – agree to call each other when you need a pep talk out of something (a good friend can say, “don’t buy those cookies ‘for the kids’, cuz you know its for you to take a nibble”) or a pep talk INto something (“get to the gym”; “eat your spinach”).
  • *my favorite* Punishment by the calorie. For a fun twist, let’s say you let yourself have that treat, BUT, in advance, establish a point system where for every X number of treat calories you consume you must perform X activity. Example: ‘For every 5 calories I will do 500 revolutions of jump rope or 50 push ups’.  That way when you are staring down the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or bag of chips, you can use your punishment plan as a deterrent. And, hey, if you do cheat, you know you’ll be punished good for it.  🙂
  • Keep a Food Journal. This is a great way to watch what you put in your mouth. Document every bite, all the time. Cheat or no cheat. At the end of the week, post it up on the fridge for all to see.
  • Sudoku. Play a game of sudoku. (the key here is distraction!)

Would any of these work for you? Do you have any personal tricks of the trade to keep you true?

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