Upper-body Workout: Push ups

Now that I have that 3rd trimester energy I am able to work harder at getting my strength back after that nasty virus!

My goal right now is to balance staying rested AND building strength.

Today’s workout was pushups!  To make this a good great workout, superset each pushup set with 1 minute of jump rope.

  1. Pick a high number of pushups: (I like the numbers 300, 500 or 800…or if you’re like my husband then 1,000)
  2. Do as many as you can each set (so you can get it over with fast!) – optional: and superset it with 60 seconds jump rope
  3. Rest for 40-90 seconds (or more) in between each set
  4. Repeat till you reach your goal number – don’t let yourself stop short of the goal!

At 37 weeks preggers and I completed this in sets of 15, 20 and 30reps: 302 pushups (My goal was 300)
Even with keeping my core tight my back was feeling a little strained with all the weight of my belly. After a few sets I switched to modified pushups to spare my back.

Want to improve your pushup stamina? Check out hundredpushups.com


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