4 weeks, 4 days, & energy 4 me!

Just a few days ago I got this amazing burst of energy! I wanted to go for a run, but I didn’t have time…maybe later tonight I can squeeze it in before my childbirth class.

I’m on the last leg so I’ve decided to put a stop to my sugar indulgences for the remainder of my pregnancy. I am SO enjoying my clean meals anyway so my nearly-nightly 1/4 cup of ice cream will hopefully not be missed by the ol’ appetite.

One of my close friends recently started on the Paleo “diet” (which is very very close to what I eat, except I still eat oats occasionally and I do consume dairy), but she looks PHENOMENAL!  She had only been on the new diet for 3 weeks and my gosh she looks so lean!  I must also mention that she is my friend who loves pasta and sweets – so when I saw how lean and tight she looked after only 3 weeks that COMPLETELY motivated me. If my SWEET-TOOTH-PASTA-LOVING friend cut out her sweets, then by-golly I can. I don’t even normally crave sweets in the first place!! I CAN DO THIS EASY, RIGHT?!  Welp. here I go! #easysauce

Be motivated. Find motivation all around you and make your goal happen.


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