16 weeks out: Shoulders

Killer shoulder workout by Kattie Fleece of Fleece Fitness and Momma on the Move blog!  I LOVE shoulder day and love getting shoulder workouts from people who love the muscle group – they usually go nuts with it (which is exactly what I want!).

Below is my version of her workout


Do 3 sets of each exercise with minimal breaks in between.  12-15 reps each.

  • Shoulder Press on Smith Machine @ 30 lbs.
  • Arnold Press @ 20 lbs.
  • Front Plate Raises @ 25 lbs.
  • Shrug to Shoulder Press @ 15 lbs. dumbbells
  • Upright Rows with Barbell @ 40 lbs.
  • Rear Delt Cable Pull @ 55 lbs.

“End with SUPERSETS to really feel the burn”

  • First Set (repeat 3-4 times)
    • -Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown @ 85 lbs./12 reps
    • -Shoulder Press with Dumbells @ 25 lbs./10 reps
  • Second Set (repeat 3-4 times)
    • -Seated Rows on cables @ 85 lbs./12 reps
    • -Lat Raises @ 10 lbs./12 reps

Woot! Great workout.  Afterwards I rewarded myself with fresh spinach and green beans dropped, at the last cooking-minute, into my boiling chicken (and homemade stock).

Keepin’ it mean at the gym and clean in the kitchen! Rawr.

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