I Will Not Sit Idly By

I really dislike having no plan.  “Healthy pregnancy” just isn’t cutting it for me to fill the term “Plan”.  It is my goal to have a healthy baby, but that is not a plan of action. What is my “plan of action”?

I realize I am eating healthy and going to the gym regularly. But I feel like I’m winging it.

So, today I wrote out my 16 week plan (weeks remaining till due date) – all my workouts are now plotted and written!  Nutrition is pretty “lifestyle” for my hubs and I now, so I did not bother writing a plan.  Ah….much better…now I feel like I’m not being aimless. Might be a mind game, but hey…whatever it takes.

Head is in the game. Initiate #autobeastmode.


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3 responses to “I Will Not Sit Idly By

  • melissa cunningham

    hahahaha!!!love it!!!!!!
    i did the very same thing my first pregnancy!(however,after 13weeks i was unable to workout or run at all!!!)
    but wow,i had my weeks written out in writing-even plan A and B,just in case i had to modify things unexpectedly!
    great minds must think alike,eh?
    just hang in there chica!!!

    • Faith Keith

      HA!! great minds think alike! 😛
      wow…can’t imagine not being able to workout…brutal!
      hangin in here…trying to have my head catch up with the adjustments I know I have to make – so hard!

  • Donloree

    I totally get it! 🙂 I have never been pregnant, but being ‘planless’ is a horrible feeling. You gotta know where you’re going. 😀

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