Fix Your Recipes: 5 ingredients you can switch for clean ones

I love being creative in the kitchen and trying new recipes. The internet and the lovely Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet, always have plenty for me to choose from.  Lately, I have been having SO much fun in the kitchen converting potentially “bad” recipes into “clean” ones! <<note my exclamation point…super excited about this.

Here are some conversion ratios I am putting into practice lately (I’ll be posting recipes soon as well):



Replace with
(all are even exchanges unless otherwise noted)
1 C brown sugar 1 C Stevia + 1/4 C mollasses
white flour oats or oat flour
butter coconut oil OR
peanut butter OR
apple sauce
1 egg 2 egg whites
sour cream fat free, plain, greek yogurt

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6 responses to “Fix Your Recipes: 5 ingredients you can switch for clean ones

  • Donloree

    Great tips! I love having stuff like this handy in the kitchen, it makes eating clean and healthy easier without being BORING! 😀

  • melissa cunningham

    love it! i too enjoy making “bad” foods” “clean” foods!

    hope things are going well for you and your lil baby!!

  • melissa cunningham

    hi! got your comment on my blog!
    to answer—
    i dont really get light headed unless i move too quickly with the lunges or squats. i DO feel my heart rate climbing so i make sure when i do lunges,i go 15 steps,rest 30 seconds and then turn around and do 15 more steps….if i find im too short winded,i start to feel lightheaded-this happens all the time at my home when i am going up and down stairs and not paying attention to how fast im going,or what type of load i am carrying (laundry,toys,my youngest,baby,etc)
    with squats…i just do them,slow as with dead leg lifts.since my center of gravity has to shift i dont go as low as i used too,and of course i backed down the amount of weight…
    humbling to say the least–feeling your body force itself to slow down,when *sometimes* you forget that you are even pregnant at all!! at least mentally,lol!
    just hang in there with it all-if you ever feel as if you will fall and lose balance,stop the exercise and just modify-stationary lunges and wall squats will suffice until after your sweet little one gets here!!

    • Faith Keith

      Thank you so much for the advice!!! yes…humbling indeed…and really… frustrating… lol.

      This was really encouraging though because you are still plowing through (and only 2 weeks from your due date no less)!! Thanks, Melissa!

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