Say No to Guilt

Say no to - Guilt TripWhen I eat bad, I don’t feel guilty.  This is partly why I got myself overweight freshman year. HOWEVER, I think it is important NOT to feel guilty if you eat a slice of cake or dig into the bread basket.


Yes, I really believe it is important to give action and purpose to the way we view our diet.  I think it is important to have planned cheats.  (deciding before you go to the party if you will or will not graze and how much you will eat).  But you know…life sometimes catches us off guard.  How we deal with the after-math is key.  If you ate too much, don’t beat yourself up with thoughts of “I shouldn’t have”, instead, realize that you wish you hadn’t and formulate a game plan to help you think first next time.  Sometimes reminding myself of how I felt after eating X helps me avoid it the next time.

I enjoy food. I enjoy life. If I let my guilt control how I feel then I am at risk of falling from “disciplined” into “obsessed”.

How do you handle cheats? Do you plan them in advance or perhaps have a handy rule like “only what I can fit in my hand…once!”

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