Injuries Are Like Sour Patch Kids

I am called “accident prone”, to which I must say, nay! I merely have fun until it hurts!

One of my snowboarding injuries is coming back to bite me in the butt (kind of literally too)…I had broken my tailbone right off. Now that I am pregnant I supposedly get to experience back pain, but with this old injury I am nearly debilitated.

Extremely frustrating – I’m already dying to hit the gym hard (but told by doc to cut back) and now THIS… *le sigh*

On one hand…I love injuries – they are memoirs of great times, chances taken, limits pushed.  On the other hand…they haunt you. The sweet then sour reality…

PS. check out my sister (also “a chaser of good times”). She just started blogging while she is recovering from shattering her pelvis doing a jump in the terrain park (snowboarding).  Our mom, bless her heart, often told us growing up (and still does) “I wish I could just put you in a cage” or “I hope you hurry up and get married to someone tame who will knock some sense into you”

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6 responses to “Injuries Are Like Sour Patch Kids

  • Natalie Tuggle

    I like your take on injuries! So true! I am ashamed not to have more, haha!! And don’t worry, you and the gym will be reunited in time 🙂 It might feel a little lame sitting around more, but revel in the adventure you have now!

    • Faith Keith

      This just made me smile – thank you, I really think that is exactly what I needed to hear! Anytime I feel out of my element because of this pregnancy I am now going to think “revel in the adventure I have now”. Love it. Seriously. Love it.

  • Donloree

    Ack! I am sorry to hear that your tailbone is acting up. Take it easy and don’t push it…even though you are basically superwoman. 😀

    • Faith Keith

      ^_^ trying, but it makes me antsy “taking it easy”…I catch myself making a list of local races and figure competitions that I want to do next just to calm myself. It’s pathetic really! I’m determined though…I will find a way to work around the tailbone issue and still stay healthy during pregnancy…just not sure what that looks like yet…

  • RhondaLee Quaresma

    Your incredible! totally inspired and ready to start my own journey… Thanks for the post!? Your awesome!!

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