Fit Pregnancy: Month 4

Welp, that wraps up month 4!  I’m up eight pounds and feeling amazing. Gym and the local running trails have been really great to me, but my doc did have to tell me to scrub back a bit on intensity.  I have the wonderful privilege of having a doctor who is VERY familiar with the bodybuilding world because her husband competes!  I am very open with her about my workouts and diet because I want to do what’s best for my baby.  This week apparently I pushed too hard. (I guess blacking out should have been my sign to stop, but…like an idiot, I kept going.)

Nutrition. My doc advised that I have a small meal/snack before my workout to help with dizziness, but ALSO told me that post-workout I should replace some calories burned.  So cottage cheese + apple slices have been a new go-to.


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4 responses to “Fit Pregnancy: Month 4

  • melissa cunningham

    end of month 4 already??
    keep on rocking those workouts,but listen to dr and your body!!!
    you got this!

    • Faith Keith

      I know! Time has FLOWN!

      I’m learning- it’s soooo hard to go from ‘ignoring your pain/exhaustion’ to ‘listening to EVERYTHING’. It certainly has been a weird shift and a difficult one to balance. I bet you know you’re body and groove so well now that this is your third baby! Anxious to get to your level

  • melissa cunningham

    oh,i totally understand! the first 2 babies i had complications so couldn’t workout at all. it about crushed me,but a healthy baby is so much more important! then with the 3rd baby,i had clearance to continue running and lifting…and yes,like you,my body forced me to slow down. the first 16 weeks of that pregnancy i raced about 8 5’ks,a half marathon,a 10k a 15k,and kept my interval training as intense as i could 3x a week. and still lifting of course! i over did it a few times and finally learned to listen to my body and stop ignoring the small things i used to-ie tired,hungry,hurting/cramping….it takes a bit to really listen,and at times its frustrating,but the end result is priceless!!!
    and now with this baby….even though i feel so much different,i do understand how to listen better!
    however,with you being such an athlete and having the mindset of an athlete,you can get away with more activity than most pregnant women,and of course the athletic drive will help with L&D!!!!
    you are doing awesome,so keep rolling right along!!!

    • Faith Keith

      Totally encouraging! You just described exactly what I am going through and working towards. You are so right that healthy baby is so much more important – I try to remember that I’m actually pregnant as I listen to my body so I don’t ignore fatigue/hunger/cramping/pain.

      I LOVE hearing your thoughts and experiences so I have something to compare to – to see if feelings or symptoms are common or not. So THANK YOU for taking the time to share with me!!!!

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