Lower-Body Plyometric Workout (Office or Home workout!)

15 Weeks - Faith Keith

15 Weeks!

I couldn’t leave the office today for the gym (well..I could but then I would only have 15 minutes before having to turn right back around)  So, duty calls and this was my workout today behind closed doors. I feel like a ninja – no one knows what I’m doing back here…

Do this as a circuit. 20 reps each exercise then repeat 4 times through:

  • Squat jumps or deep squats for speed – [jumping during pregnancy]
  • Lunge with high knee (20R on left, then switch legs)
  • Single-leg bench squat (using office chair; 20R on left, then switch legs)
  • Bench bridge/hip lift
  • Calf jumps (I converted this to calf raises and increased the reps because l was light headed going from laying down for bridge then straight to jumps)

Do whatcha gotta do – and get ‘er done!

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2 responses to “Lower-Body Plyometric Workout (Office or Home workout!)

  • melissa cunningham

    way to get-er-done!!!!
    love love love your cute little tiny baby bump btw!!!

    hope your finally over the first trimester yuckies and that the 2nd trimester brings much more energy and killer workouts!

    • Faith Keith

      Eeee! Thank you!! I love that my bump finally looks less like a beer-belly now 😛 Yes, I am DEF in my 2nd trimester – LOADS of energy!!! I love it!!!!! I am so happy to be back at the gym killing it!

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