Small Windows Are Still Big Enough to Fit Through

Lately I have only had a small window each morning where I feel top notch. The rest of the day I feel extremely exhausted and usually sick, but I fight through it.  My job needs my full attention – no time for an energy slump.  I think of my mom and Titas (aunts) who, in the Philippines, they had to cook, clean, buy/sell goods, manage house and help…life did not stop just because they were pregnant. I think of the funny stories I have heard about women working in the rice fields, then squat down and give birth, then life continues. Ha!  I love these reminders that, for crying out loud, “I’m not dying…I’m just pregnant”!

Since I am usually at work during that small window of feeling great, I took advantage on Saturday and ran a 5k! It was harder than I expected, since just last month I was running 5-6 milers haha! My heart rate seemed to get up pretty fast, but I paid attention to my body to stop way before overheating. I never reached that point but did have to come to a walk 3 times during the race just to play it safe. Ah, but it felt so good to work my muscles again!

Moral of the story…if you have a window…TAKE IT!! Whatcha waitin for?! 😀


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6 responses to “Small Windows Are Still Big Enough to Fit Through

  • Nikki

    So happy that you were able to get all the info you needed so that you could keep running through the pregnancy! A window is a window, no matter how small! I am up to 11 miles in my training, ran it on Sunday in 2:07 and boy it felt great! 🙂

    • Faith Keith

      Wow! What a great pace! You’re ready for a half marathon, girl! when’s your race?

      And yes! I am so excited to have so much info and resources at my fingertips for prenatal fitness! (and YOU are one of the people I have to thank for that!) I’ve been so sick lately, but I have a feeling that I will be feeling human again very soon…here’s hoping!

  • melissa cunningham

    yay for a 5k and those small windows!!!!!!
    i just had to lol when you mentioned that women would work all day in the fields,pop a baby out and keep on working…
    i kid you not,a TRUE story-my great grandmother was one of those women. well,a farmers wife in the backwoods of TN.
    out of her 14 children,2 were born outside in the corn field.
    now im not sure if she went back to the fields straight away,but i do know that she resumed farm life quickly,spending many long hours with a baby strapped on her back!
    so yeah,life does not stop just because of pregnancy! (even though at times it would be nice to just lie in bed all day under the covers!)

    i do hope you start feeling better soon! it does get better! and it is SO COOL to work out when you feel the baby kicking you the whole time!
    just keep utilizing those open windows!

    • Faith Keith

      HAHA noooo way!!! You’re great grandmother is a beast!

      Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah, curling up under the covers sounds so nice pretty much ALL the time heehe. I’m trying hard not to let myself give in on times when I actually feel good enough to get out there.

      I’m so excited about feeling him/her kick! Yesterday I was feeling pretty good…today, no nausea…maybe I’m over the hump?! If I am sickness free after work, by golly I’m hittin the gym! 😀

  • Nikki

    June 16th is my first Half Marathon, training is going great. It sounds like you have jumped over your first pregnancy hurdle and you can be strong and feel great moving into your second tri-mester! This is when you start to look and feel great so enjoy and take advantage of every window!!

    • Faith Keith

      June 16! Awesome!! I’ll be rootin for you!
      yes – thanks – I think I am! I’m feeling pretty good and much much stronger. Most of my energy is back (which is nice).. 🙂

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