Feeling lost…Mind if I talk this one outloud?…

Sometimes I feel like my life is a series of constant readjustments. Just when I have a routine, things change and I am forced to reassess my game plan. That’s just life though, right!

Of course being pregnant sure throws some spice into all of that “routine” business.  It’s hard knowing when to go to the gym.  Some days I feel sick and too tired, but can’t tell if I am just being lazy. I’d like to just do all my workouts at home, but that would mean mostly plyos and cardio since I don’t have much of a weight selection at home. So then I suppose the natural question would be, “what are my goals?”…well gosh…I don’t know… “healthy baby + healthy me” comes to mind, but that’s just all too vague.  “stay lean during pregnancy”, but that sounds so selfish…

I think I am feeling like a “failure” and a little “lost” because I am measuring it by my gym attendance and effort.  Maybe I should switch gears ENTIRELY …like focus on plyo full body workouts at home on days I feel good and 2-3 days of jogging…?

For right now (and this could change tomorrow), I think my goals are:

  1. stay as active as possible
  2. eat nutritionally, avoiding processed foods and *simple carbs
  3. drink 128+ oz water daily


Where’s that great book of “all the answers for the life of Faith” when you need it? 😛


*This is a great list that I found of simple versus complex carbs – it is from SugarAddiction


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2 responses to “Feeling lost…Mind if I talk this one outloud?…

  • melissa cunningham

    girl! i can relate to this!
    you have the right mindset though–understanding that readjustments are a necessary part of pregnancy and motherhood!
    what i have learned since becoming a mother and balancing family and fitness,is to always ALWAYS have a plan B (or C)
    if this means having to change up the workout schedule based on the waves of all day sickness,then go for it.
    DO keep setting mini goals for yourself. daily or weekly. if your anything thing like me,you are very goal orientated,and having set goals really helps,especially during pregnancy,because there will be times where you have NO control over certain things (hello growing breast belly and butt!)
    but setting realistic goals on a weekly basis,really helps ease the mind.
    AND your goals are pretty much my goals.
    i am constantly reminding myself that as long as i make an effort to stay actve,and not go out of control with nutrition,then im doing good 😀

    just hang in there,im sure you will be feeling much better by week 16,and you can resume your workout schedule and be super fit through out your pregnancy!

    • Faith Keith

      your words are SO encouraging!…You’re right, I am super goal oriented, so I feel like when I don’t fulfill plan A then I have flat out failed. I need to rethink the power of plan B (and C!). I guess it has not really hit home that I could use this phase in my life as a practice round for motherhood – things will probably only get crazier!

      I like your idea of having mini goals on a WEEKLY basis – I think it will be better for my psyche too than my usual definition of mini goals meaning “3-month goals”.

      I’m finally getting creative with my food to help manage my food aversions (rather than just eating whatever I can find)…slowly but surely this girl is learning…

      Thanks for your input and feedback!! I feel so encouraged that I will find a system to balance the constant changes!

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