Sometimes, You Just Gotta Show Up

faith keith - yawning at gym
When I walked in to my gym, one of the trainers who knows me said “you look tiiiired. but you’re here – get it done” – he gave me the burst of energy I needed to make it to the locker room.  As I stepped out of the locker room that energy had died off *sigh*, but I ran into my fitness freak Uncle Ken *zing!* He reminded me that I had said on my blog before, “sometimes, you just gotta show up”.

I LOVE training, but there are days when I don’t want to go to the gym. On those days I choose not to think, I just get in my car mindlessly and go. Then once I’m there I try my best to make it count.

On days like yesterday it is really really really hard to give it anything because I was just so freaking tired! I had no idea growing a human life form would be this energy zapping.  I resorted to cardio and put off my back workout to be combined with chest the next day. And wouldn’t ya know… I ran a solid 3 miles on my “so freaking tired day”.

Let this go down in the books for future reference – when Faith think’s she’s tired, she can still squeeze out a few miles. If I ever complain again, slap me in the face and say “run 3 miles!”. What can you do on your “so freaking tired day”?


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4 responses to “Sometimes, You Just Gotta Show Up

  • CrazyKZ

    Alright, you asked for it publicly, so you can count on me to “slap you in the face” and tell you to run 3 miles. So, no more complaining. It’s OK to be tired and not feel like it, but don’t tell anyone and don’t show it…just show up and get after it. Oh, and I’m talking to myself here.

    –“Your fitness freak”

  • melissa cunningham

    just stumbled across your blog!i too am also a fitness nut and preggos (again-this is my 4th!)
    keep up your hard work! it will pay off when the big d-day arrives!
    looking forward to following along in your fit pregnancy adventure!

    • Faith Keith

      Melissa! Hi! Thank’s for checking out my blog – a couple of my friends pointed me to your blog last week or so and I am just in AWE. You are as crazy as your reputation! And I mean that with THE HIGHEST respect! I just read your Sunday post and will leave my comments (and raves) there.

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