2012 is HERE!

I have gone MIA for a bit, MY APOLOGIES – much has happened!   I’ll share more later!

Meanwhile…2012 is here with a bang and I am ready! Ready for what though? This is the first year where I didn’t already have a list of resolutions —partly because I started a few things in the last week of December that are resolution-esque things.

I am back to one cheat day a week. (two cheat meals per week OR one cheat day, but my cheat day is not like a blow-out-eat-everything-and-anything-I-want).

Make sure your resolutions are doable AND MEASURABLE!!

Are you as excited about the new year as I am??? I am STOKED!! Bring on the clean eats, bring on the strong workouts, bring on the chaos that I WILL master!!

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