Rain, Cold, and a Case of the Sweatpants

The gym and my house are in 2 opposite directions from work, so after work I had to decide whether to run outdoors or hit the gym shredmill (because this Texas girl is whining about how cold it is outside!).  After some serious deliberation I decided to drive home to run the neighborhood, after all, I AM doing a winter half marathon so I might as well start getting used to the cold. As I drove home, I saw how misty it was and could tell I had symptoms of excuse-itis. The onset of the excuses made me slap my face and remind myself I already committed to running outdoors tonight and if I skipped now then I would most likely not have the will power to complete half marathon training. I ran! It was cold and the air was misty, but by mile 2 it started RAINING. By the time I was done with my run it was pouring and I was drenched. But, oh sweet molly, I felt a sense of pride.

This winter, see yourself push further, train when you don’t want to, fight the urge to curl-in-a-ball-drinking-hot-cocoa-wearing-sweatpants – and then I want to hear your 2011 Sweatpants success story! Are you fighting the urge to get comfy and still training? (cuz gosh…I could use some tips on how to stay convinced that cold is my friend) 😛



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6 responses to “Rain, Cold, and a Case of the Sweatpants

  • Nikki

    For me, I have to come home after work and make supper for the fam first, and THEN go back out (as cold as -37 with wind chill in the dead of winter) to the indoor track. I don’t change out of my work clothes until supper is done and cleaned up and then I change right into my running clothes, there is no in between time for comfy’s. It works. Don’t worry, Faith, if its important to you, you’ll find a way, besides, you know how much better you feel running outside and feeling the fresh air in your lungs.

    • Faith Keith

      Wow…PROPS That’s serious commitment. And you said it…”if its important to you, you’ll find a way” AND you’re so right – fresh air in the lungs, nothing like it! ….I am still not over your insane schedule – blows my mind with inspiration….sheesh…

  • Nikki

    It’s what you get used to, I still need to focus on my chillies and their activities and make time for one date night a week, those are my priorities, over and above the crazy fitness sched. It probably makes a difference that I live in a small city so my drive times are 10 Mins no matter where I am off to! Wait till you read day 2 in my blog! Lol Thank goodness not all my days are that crazy!!

    • Faith Keith

      Yeah -its such a crazy thing balancing life and fitness – but people like you prove it can be done! I totally agree with you on family and date night being top prio over fitness – go you

  • Nikki

    PS I laugh every time you call it a ‘shredmill’!! You and I both know how awesome it is to run free, weather its outside or the track…. so may the cold be your new bff! 🙂

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