Training for My Second 1st Half Marathon

Faith Keith - Image: Let's run! A couple years ago I was training for my first half marathon and 3 weeks before the race I broke my tailbone while snowboarding.  Yes, yes, why was I snowboarding 3 weeks before a race…well, because snowboarding is awesome. =P

So today marks week 1 of prepping for my SECOND 1st half marathon ^_^

I am using Hal Higdon’s training schedule for the Novice. This is what I used last time and I made incredible progress, felt strong the entire 3 months. His schedules have been the best I have tried thus far.

For science purposes, I am going to try keeping my diet protein+veggies mostly, with minimal carbs.  Then when my mileage starts getting up and I start leaning out (prob starting at week 5) I will then add carbs an hour or 2 before my runs.  My goal here is to do the best I can to maintain muscle while training for the half.  With this much cardio it will be next to impossible to BUILD, but maintain I think I can do.

Training will ultimately be 5 days cardio (3 run days, 2 cross training) and 5 weight lifting days hitting every muscle group twice except for legs. I will only train legs once a week outside of cardio.

Here we go!

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8 responses to “Training for My Second 1st Half Marathon

  • Scott

    Awesome, good luck you are going to rock it! Unless you break your tailbone again. But worth it for snowboarding. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

    • Faith Keith

      Ha! Thanks, Scott!! I definitely will! Your blog and tweets were how I got through my training (and multiple injuries) before. Thanks for your awesome contribution to the world of running!

  • Susan

    Faith, this is awesome. Good luck with the training!

  • Tenecia

    I’ve soooooo wanted to try training for a half or even a full marathon…I just may have to live vicariously through you!!! 🙂


    • Faith Keith

      ^_^ maybe after you’re done marathoning bodybuilding competitions you’ll be able to! If I had the tenacity you do about bodybuilding I don’t know if I would ever do endurance sports – you look amazing!! You really have the natural talent for it

  • Nikki

    OK, so I got back to the track two weeks ago, THEN I got your post with the Training Sched and it is a very attainable goal, THEN my sis-in-law emails me a half marathon for January. It all came at the same time so each message felt like a sign that I am ready to train for a half marathon AND I quit smoking (Yuck, I know) 25 days completely smoke free so I know I can do this! I followed the sched last week but this will be WEEK 1 Training for me, lets do it girl!! PS gonna go a lil lighter on the weights for the next 12 weeks, and still eating totally clean, just gotta get more water in me.

    • Faith Keith

      Oh wow, crazy!! Totally a sign!! I’m so excited that we are doing a half marathon at the same time! It’s so much easier when you’re doing it with other people. I’m WAY impressed that you stopped smoking!!!!!!!!! Seriously…I am sure that is no easy task….and somehow you are staying on top of your clean eats – you keep rockin the clean eating, girl! I wanna see some posts on your training progress! (or if life gets too hectic just tell me about it over here!) LET’S DO THIS!!!!

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