Lean and Mean

When you’re dieting really hard it effects the chemistry in your body. With heavy dieting it is VERY common to have mood swings.

I’d like to know – do you roll with the mood roller coaster or do you do something to combat it? Do you have tips, tricks, or chants?


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3 responses to “Lean and Mean

  • Katherine Gordy Levine

    Mood swings? Check out my blog–It is all about handling bad, mad, sad and any other negative feeling you can think of whether from dieitng or life.

    Stay strong.

  • Donloree

    I have come to realize that moods, emotions, thoughts, and ideas are all the same…they come to us and we have the ability to accept them or leave them behind. Usually my husband gets the brunt of my moodiness while dieting. He really appreciates it when I say, ‘I want to just scream and get angry right now.” rather that just do it. Sometimes I scream and get angry after I tell him I want to though. hahaha!

    I find getting enough sleep is critical!!!

    • Faith Keith

      ha! yes, I like that tactic! I’ve used that before 😛 Sleep? I’m never good at that… I think you hit the nail on the head when you said we have the ability to accept them or leave them behind – point being IT’S TOTALLY A CHOICE! 😀

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