September Makeover: Day 27

Wow this September challenge is coming to a fast close! This challenge was to help me get back into gear and refocus.  The makeover was to help me find my groove, get organized and get it done.  I can really tell that this challenge (though not over yet) has been a success. Groove found.

Today I was able to hit the gym at lunch even though I was feeling sick, tired, and stressed at work. I felt great after my workout even though I still felt sick. But it did give me the extra energy I needed to finish the day strong.

Hope everyone’s challenges are going well!! Shout out to @jersalicious and Nikki who are doing their own challenges! 🙂

I am already revved to crack down with a new challenge! Hmm…I have 3 days to figure that out.

Keep livin life people!


Snack Shack:

  • Rice cake with protein powder and PB.  Sounds weird, but the PB covers up the dry powdery taste of the protein. Give it a try! Or better yet, give it a twist and let me know how you made it better!
  • Tuna packet and 2 cups of baby carrots – easy breezy for the quick and easy

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