Accidentally Saving Myself For Something Better

You know how it goes: Avoid momentary, fleeting pleasure to be saved for something special and sacred. I’ll cut right to the chase…I wanted a cookie…BAD!!!! I didn’t know what to do! It was such an intense craving!! I sat for about 10 minutes plotting how I could satiate this craving…a soy latte? a cupcake? a cookie from the Deli in my office building? “I should just eat my next meal” was followed by “UGH!!! IWANNACOOKIE!!!”

So I let myself get busy…

Before I knew it I was reading and responding to work emails, texting my husband, and working on my gallon jug of H20. It was an hour later when I realized “Oh, I haven’t gotten my cookie yet”, but…the craving was gone…

I wish I could take credit for the fact that I avoided a cookie and ate my salad+tuna instead, but this was all an accident. An accident I will learn from!

Plus, I am soooo glad I did not eat the cookie because I really wanted to have a cheat meal TOMORROW and today’s cookie would have blown that!! heehee!

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