September Makeover: Day 21

I have been MIA on the blog, but not on my September challenge! I am still rockin it harder or better each day.

My arms are definitely looking more lean and defined, but my eyes are still too criticizing to tell if I am making improvements on my legs and core.

I have finally cleaned up my dinners! Love me some Orange Roughy!

Last night: Orange roughy seasoned with Mrs. Dash Carribbean Citrus and lime juice. Seared on one side, lightly cooked on the other. Ate this with a stack of random veggies piled up as a salad. Easy week day dinner 🙂

Pay More to Eat?

I realized something about myself when it comes to nutrition plans.  I may have the best nutrition plan, but if I don’t like a certain item, I sometimes will avoid and skip! But when I love each meal, I always get it in.  Example: my next meal was a protein shake, but I was out of the good stuff. I grudgingly mixed my shake and took a few sips. I then got back to working with the intention of sipping on the shake. Never happened. I skipped the meal.  So I realized it is better that I keep yummy proteins in stock for the sake of my nutrition.  Do you do this?…

Protein Powder In My Cabinet: 

  • VPX SRO Zero Carb in Graham Cracker flavor, which is delicious even in water, but mach more appetizing when blended with PB just cuz I am used to the creaminess of Beverly International’s UMP. 
  • EAS 100% Whey in Chocolate flavor, not bad! I make my shakes in water, but this one does not have the bad chemical after-taste that some proteins have due to other supps in the stack.
  • Beverly International in Cookies N Creme, by far my favorite. It is creamy and delicious as if I am having a milk shake. I always mix it in water because it is already so creamy. I’m running out… 😦 but I have 3 lbs of other brands that I need to consume before I feel justified in ordering more Beverly. 😦

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