September Makeover: Day 15

Be a Dream CATCHER

I can hardly contain myself! My husband is PUBLISHED!!! A long time coming! He has been working hard to break into the graphic novel/comic industry and he finally got his break!! Oh, I am so proud of him!!! Thank you, Lord, for this incredible blessing!

A teaser:

He’s on twitter: @lukekeith

There are Dream Chasers. And there are Dream Catchers. My husband is a Dream Catcher. He reminds me, by example, that dreams don’t happen to us, we MAKE them. His tenacity and spirit is inspiring. There is nothing he does with just half his heart – he strives for excellence in all areas of his life. This wasn’t meant to brag (but hey, I think he’s pretty remarkable, so I’ll admit it’s totally cheap), I wanted to share this so we can be encouraged and motivated to work hard and with excellence no matter what we’re doing.

Let’s catch those dreams! Want to be on stage?! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Luke Keith and thefinalseven seven percent proofs

So proud of this guy. He's my everything.


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