September Makeover: Day 14

I’m in Auto Beast Mode!! Why?!?!?

For the past week and half I have been kicked into high gear – I feel like nothing can stop me from getting a good workout in.  It’s like as soon as I walk through those gym doors I go on auto-beast-mode.  I’ve been working myself good! I love this! What triggered it??…

I’ve been mulling over this…and I think that it is as a result of:

  • My friend Michelle challenging me to her mad leg workout (you know..the one where I died?)
  • Posting my makeover HERE knowing that you guys are watching me – after about a week of posting I realized that if I don’t make progress, if I cheat on my nutrition, if I slack, I am doing my fellow athletes and bloggers a disservice.
The only thing that is holding me back from crazy progress –my dinners. I need to clean them up. Sometimes it’s a little too much sweet potato, or sometimes it’s white rice or bread *shudder*.  Sunday I had an ice cream sammie. So you see…I’ve got some work to do! 😀
My goal for this week: Clean up my dinners! My next cheat meal is tomorrow and it will be a “healthy choice off-plan”.

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