September Makeover: Day 13

For those of you tracking my September Makeover, I apologize for going MIA!

My workouts and diet have been improving every day – love it.

Two of my recent workouts we’re quite stellar, so I want to catch you up:

Workout: legs

  • Warm up:
    • Walking lunges
    • Double walking lunges
  • Super set #1 – 4 sets:
    • Seated leg press 20R medium weight: 180lbs
    • Romanian dead lifts 20lbs/hand
  • Super set #2 – 4 sets:
    • Seated leg curls – 60lbs -30R , 70lbs -20R, 20R, 20R
    • Step ups 2′ box – 15/leg
  • Super set #3 – 4 sets:
    • Jumping squats in Hack Squat – 65lbs
    • Jumping lunges 16 (by the last one I was not able to jump anymore so this became a fast-in-place alternating lunge)

Workout: shoulders

  • Tri-set #1 – 4S:
    • Lateral raise 15R 10lbs
    • Arnold press 10R 15lbs
    • Rear laterals 10R 10lbs
  • Tri-set #2 – 4S:
    • Barbell shoulder press 15R 20lbs
    • Barbell front raise 12R 20lbs
    • face pulls 15R 70lbs
  • This set, do all 3 exercises in a row, no rest. That equals one rep. Repeat 10R for one set:
    • 1 DB Lateral raise
    • 1 Upright row
    • 1 Military press
    • That equals one rep, now repeat 10times for one set.
    • Do 3 sets – Rest 15-30 seconds between sets
Woot! Who’s killin it? We’re nearly half way through September – Make it count! 😀

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