September Makeover: Day 9

My goals for the remaining 3 weeks:

  • to get my conditioning up (so that when I start training with Susan, she will be like “wow, you stayed conditioned, you are awesome”)
  • to lean out – measured by the pinchy-pinchy method …right now I can pinch too much
  • to cap my shoulders
  • my dream: to grow my vastus lateralis (outer quad…so you can see it from BEHIND me! woot!)

One week down! Things I’ve learned…

  • I cheat more often than I thought – denial
    • What I am doing about it:
      • Keep recording everything I eat
      • Pick my cheat days ahead of time instead of allowing myself to cheat when I FEEL like it
  • I have a lot of room to amp up the intensity
    • What I am doing about it:
      • Talking to other fitness friends for tips on how THEY train and GROW
      • Cutting my rest limit back down to 0-30
      • Take SuperPump250 on my way to the gym on days that I don’t feel like going
      • Remind myself that some people would kill to be able to run or workout, so I shouldn’t waste
  • I don’t drink enough water!!
    • What I am doing about it:
      • Keeping a 64oz jug by me at all times
      • Setting an alarm mid day to remind me
      • Guzzling at night if I didn’t get it all in
Makin it happen. September makeover challenge has only just begun!
Have you made any changes this week? And how did it affect you? I would love to hear what tweaks you made,  how you feel your body is responding and if you have any ideas for next week!

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One response to “September Makeover: Day 9

  • Hailey

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.


    Hailey William

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