September Makeover: Day 8

My coworker who was recently diagnosed with Ovarian cancer has now begun chemo.  It causes so much fatigue that if she gets up to get a glass of water she has to lay down for the rest of the day! She is a VERY active person, so this has got to be depressing…

At 4:30AM I debated whether or not to actually hit the gym. Then I thought of Amber. She would give anything to workout.  I remembered what it was like when I broke my tailbone. For 8 months of recovery I caught myself unjustly scolding people with my thoughts “You dont feeeeel like it? What a waste! You should go running! How ungrateful!” thinking that if I could use my legs I would run hills, jump rope for hours, climb a mountain, wakeboard, ANYTHING!!

So I pushed myself out of bed and got my gratefulness on.

1 week down. I refuse to waste time in this September challenge. Makin every bite and every day count! Are you?


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