September Makeover: Day 7

I am so surprised at how incredibly vulnerable this makeover makes me feel! The right word is not “scary”, but I don’t know how to describe how I feel when I think about publishing a post that says I didn’t workout very hard or not at all – or that I keep messing up on my nutrition.  I think I’m a pretty open person, but gosh – posting about what I eat and when is shockingly nerving! haha!


Workout: legs

  • 30 deep squats, speed (squat down to a medicine ball – do these FAST)
  • Incline leg press 3S 20R 180lbs sissy weight 
  • Superset 4X:
    • 30 deep squats, speed
    • 20 straight leg deads, 20lb DB each hand
  • 30 jump squats
  • 1 min sprint
  • 1 mile run
I honestly think I need to push harder. I was super short on time this day, so it ruined my workout. My hubs and I are trying to coordinate gym schedules but it seems to be causing us to have not as good workouts because of the weird time. Not sure what to do. Working out is our chance to hangout, but it puts us home so late because I wait for him to drive all the way across town.  Maybe I should bring an extra meal to help combat my fatigue.  Any thoughts?



Aiming for 120oz H20 – 102oz! getting better!

Meal 1: (06:00am) slice of whole grain with PB

Meal 2: (10:00am) protein shake

Meal 3: (12:50pm) salad – forgot to eat my tuna again 😦 I’m so busy at work….

Meal 4: (03:55pm) 1 C greek yogurt, 12 almonds

Meal 5: (07:30pm)  4oz chicken – I forgot my veggies as I ran out the door for Bible study – eek! hungry!
Additional: (8:15pm) sugar free, non-fat latte during Bible study – yumm!

Multi-vitamin before bed


How is YOUR makeover going? Post the link to your blog here so we can all cheer you on!


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