September Makeover: Day 4

Man…having this makeover challenge posted on the www is remarkably a wonderful accountability!

Today I was on my way to the gym and texted my friend Michelle because I had only motivation to do cardio…I didnt feel like busting my can. So what does she do?…she texts me back a workout routine!!!! She kicked my butt!!! Friends are the best – I love this fitness community on twitter/blog-world/facebook


Workout: legs (AKA Michelle’s death sentence)

  • WARM UP: 50 burpees
    • 10 burpees
    • walking lunges
    • jumping jacks 30 seconds
    • repeat circuit 5 times!!! Holy molely…
  • CIRCUIT 1:
    • Step ups 20R ea leg
    • monster squats w/ band on ankles
    • 1min sprint
    • repeat 3 times
  • single leg lunges on smith machine, 3S 15R ea leg
  • straight leg deads, heavy. 3S  —I had to skip this one because my hams are SORE from my leg day #1 of the week
  • Kettlebell swings 20lb DB, 15R ea arm (Squat then swing overhead with power) 3S —I had to change this one because I was about to pass out and the swinging was amplifying it (see below)
  • Plie squats, deep. 55lbs 3S 20R

Um….and now I am dead. I’m writing this from heaven. See you soon.



Aiming for 120oz H20 – only got 60 😦 Gotta amp it up.

Meal 1: (07:00am) Sugarfree non fat white chocolate latte (I know…this is NOT a meal…but I was hoping to wait for my hubs to wake up so I could eat with him)

Meal 2: (10:00am)4:1 eggs scrambled with spinach

Meal 3: (01:00pm) all white-meat ground turkey “burger” on romaine salad, 5 dips of my fork in dressing.  I do not normally use dressing (or will just use lemon juice), but I refuse to leave anything out. Y’all deserve to know exactly what my makeover consists of, even if it sucks.

Meal 4: (04:00pm) 1 scoop protein shake in water

Meal 5: (08:30pm) Chicken Cesar salad and…the bad some nachos

Multi-vitamin before bed

Yay I ate VERY on schedule today timing wise…unfortunately tainted by the mistake of nachos.


Are you keeping the weekend clean even with the holiday?! Doing better than me? tell me how awesome you are 🙂

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