September Makeover: Day 3

The weekend is here!  Several times I almost ate one thing or another in place of a meal or SKIPPED something essential, but then I though oh geez…I’m going to have to report what I do otherwise my transformation results will not be justified – unfair to any readers!  So…thank you everyone for being active on my blog – you keep me honest!


Workout: arms

  • Curls – curve bar, 4S, 30R
  • Tricep overhead 15lbs – 4S 30R
  • Hammer curls – 20lbs 4S 20R
  • Tricep overhead (again) – 20lbs 4S 30R
  • Concentrations 17.5lbs 4S 20R
  • 1 mile run

I damaged my wrist in February while snowboarding and it seemed like it was ok – I made it work, but lately it has given me a LOT of pain 😦 totally destroying my workouts. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t even pick up my car keys cuz its too much strain on my wrist O_o.  Found out I need surgery. Won’t heal on its own 😦



I prepare all my own food.  If ever I eat out, I WILL state so 🙂

Aiming for 120oz H20 – only got 90 😦 Gotta amp it up.

Meal 1:  (07:00am) 4:1 eggs scrambled with spinach

Meal 2:  (11:16am)1 scoop protein shake in water

Meal 3:  (01:15pm) Raw broccoli, carrots, 1 scoop protein shake (I was on the run, so couldn’t eat the can of tuna I brough)

Meal 4:  (04:00pm) 1 cup greek Yogurt, 1 small nectarine, 12 almonds

Meal 5:  (08:30pm) 2 slices whole grain wheat toast with 4oz lean ground turkey with diced tomatoes and a bit of tomato sauce (like spaghetti)

BAD GIRL: I had a small handful of chex mix! 😦 I can’t believe I did that!!!!!!!! ugh. From now on I must have it clear in my head that I do NOT want that kind of snack. I failed to plan.

Multi-vitamin before bed


Everyone ready to keep the weekend clean?!


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