September Makeover: Day 2b

First week of a challenge is always a hardcore, engine-totally-revved day every day. However, I worked out with a guy on this day (my super hot husband), so instead of a high rep fast paced workout, I went heavy.  That’s fine too because I’ve needed to get a heavy in.


Workout: back

  • Pull ups 5S 6R, 8, 10, 10, 10
  • Low rows 4S 20R, 85lbs
  • High rows 4S, 12R, 2 plates baby!! (90lbs each arm!)
  • Lower back, bodyweight raises 4S 12R

While I was at the gym I really felt like I was working hard, but then when I typed this up I thought, wow…dang…what a wimpy workout.  Now I know. I was thinking that if I workout with my husband I don’t want to have a set-in-stone line up of exercises because I want to enjoy the time with him and not make him feel like I am anxious to just move through the workout. RETROSPECT LESSON: My husband pushes himself hard. Whether I am with him or not. He would love to see me push myself. Maybe I could work in a super set if I feel like I am resting too long.



I prepare all my own food.  If ever I eat out, I WILL state so 🙂

Aiming for 120oz H20 – only got 60 😦 Gotta amp it up.

Meal 1:  (06:00am) 4:1 eggs scrambled with spinach (yum!)

Meal 2:  (09:00am)1 scoop protein shake in water

Meal 3:  (12:00pm) Lettuce salad with tuna (but my stomach wasn’t feeling well so I skipped the tuna)

Meal 4:  (03:00pm) 1 cup greek Yogurt

Meal 5:  (05:30pm) pre workout – oatmeal (BUT I did this because I thought I was going to do cardio! I got my days mixed up.)

Meal 6:  (08:30pm) Mongo with shrimp (Mongo is my favorite Filipino dish – Mongo beans, spinach, green beans, eggplant, lanka)

Multi-vitamin before bed


Also doing a makeover this month is my newest twitter friend: @jersalicious! Check out her blog:


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